How it Works

Pathfinder HERO1

Pathfinder is designed to be user-friendly and ready to use in minutes. Five simple steps will have you ready to defend your assets.


Sensors are buried at likely activity locations.


The buried sensor is added to the database and appears on the map as a bright green dot.
Drone in air near energy objects


When the sensor detects current monitored mode activity, footsteps in this case, a detection is transmitted to the base station receiver.


Upon receiving the detection, the sensor graphic turns red as an operator alert.


Autonomously get eyes on the position with ground cameras or UAS and launch your security team to intercept the threat.

Receiver Kit

  • The Receiver Kit includes base station with Pathfinder software installed, waterproof Ethernet receiver, antenna, ten foot antenna cable, user manual, antenna mounting hardware, installation tools, and quick reference cards.

Sensor Kit

  • Additional sensors can be seamlessly integrated into the Starter Kit, expanding your detection coverage area.
  • Kits normally include 60 MINI sensors or 30 XL sensors. Individual sensor quantities can be customized.

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