ARA has developed water-based cleanup and conversion technologies for over a decade. ARA’s fuels technologies solve critical problems and improve our safety, security and way of life.

ARA’s Biofuels ISOCONVERSION technology consists of hydrothermal conversion and hydroprocessing operations that convert waste fats, oils, and greases into renewable diesel, jet fuel and naphtha that are virtually indistinguishable from their petroleum counterparts. This will result in an over 80% reduction in lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions compared to petroleum in commercial units. ReadiJet and ReadiDiesel, produced from the Biofuels ISOCONVERSION technology, contain a uniform distribution of all hydrocarbon types observed in petroleum fuels, including aromatic, cycloparaffin, isoparaffin, and normal paraffin compounds, and are able to be directly blended with petroleum fuels.

The Biofuels ISOCONVERSION (BIC) process converts any renewable fat, oil, and grease feedstock into high yields of 100% drop-in, pure hydrocarbon fuels that meet petroleum fuels specifications and other valuable chemicals. ARA and Chevron Lummus Global (CLG) developed the BIC process based on ARA’s patented, novel Catalytic Hydrothermolysis (CH) process and CLG’s market-leading hydroprocessing technology.  CLG is the single point of contact for licensing and engineering for BIC.

Advantages of Biofuels ISOCONVERSION

  • Feedstock agnostic – compatible with a wide range of waste fats, oils, and greases – no pretreatment other than filtering required
  • Produces 100% drop-in fuels that meet petroleum specifications without blending
  • Very short residence time means small footprint and low capital cost

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