The world leader in advanced in-situ soil testing apparatus

ARA’s Vertek is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced in-situ soil testing apparatus. Vertek has over 30 years of research and development experience in building and developing new CPT technologies.

Vertek began as a field testing company, solving some of the first and most demanding CPT applications. Because of our heritage as a field testing operations company, our reputation for providing technology platforms that are both innovative and extremely reliable has grown. Most of the hundreds of CPT platforms sold are still operating and producing profits today. Being the largest U.S. based Cone Penetrometer equipment supplier, Vertek is unmatched in the range of product offerings and in the training and aftermarket support available to make your business a success. We support your success by:

  • Providing CPT solutions that are simple to operate
  • Engineering and building equipment and systems that are the most reliable in the field
  • Supplying a comprehensive range of equipment that enables you to start in the business with the least risk, to grow your business as far as you want
  • Offering unmatched, U.S. based support
  • Supporting you as you move into more advanced applications, with the highest profit margins
  • Providing the technical and CPT business training you need to be successful

We proudly offer:

  • Seismic CPTu Cones and Data Acquisition Systems
  • Drill Rig to CPT Conversion Kits
  • Grouting Modules, Soil and Groundwater Samplers
  • Smart DCP and Automated DCP systems
  • CPT Trucks, Tracked Rigs, and Portable Push Systems


Vertek goes above and beyond in our efforts to help you to be successful. Our extremely knowledgeable staff combined with decades of internal hands-on CPT experience mean that you get the right answers quickly. When combined with a friendly, approachable and service-oriented culture, you will know that we have your back.