Detect and stop physical threats before it’s too late. Choose Pathfinder as your intrusion detection system.

Select your application.


Combat proven threat detection.

Border Security

Stop illegal border activity before it starts.

Critical Infrastructure

Protect critical infrastructure from theft and terrorism.

Private Security

Choose the perimeter security system no one can see.

The Pathfinder Advantage

  • Detection of footsteps or offroad vehicles.

  • No internet required.

  • Ruggedized sensor capable of withstanding a wide range of climates and terrains.

  • High probability of detection and low false alarm rate.

  • Simplified wireless architecture allows for easy installation.

  • Long range reporting without the use of gateways and relays.

  • Scalable security solution from single facility to large areas (sq. miles).

  • Seamless integration with the Tactical Assault Kit (TAK).

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