Scalable Enterprise Systems

(Web- and Cloud-Based)



Organizations need enterprise systems that:

  • Scale up or down rapidly to meet needs
  • Protect sensitive information
  • Seamlessly support multi-site collaboration


ARA’s Cloud and Edge Computing experts will help you:

  • Deliver high availability, secure cloud and edge solutions
  • Deploy to thick client, thin client, and zero client cloud platforms
  • Deploy to edge devices (e.g. AWS Snowballs)
  • Create Risk Management Framework (RMF) packages for cloud platforms
  • Automate security compliance and continuous monitoring of vulnerabilities
  • Automatically patch vulnerabilities

Examples of tools our experts use:

ARA’s DevSecOps experts will help you:

  • Create, configure, and deploy CI/CD pipelines
  • Build and deploy containers to Kubernetes and RedHat OpenShift
  • Design and create Web-Enabled GIS and 3D Visualization interfaces
  • Develop big data analytics to rapidly discover new information and insights
  • Develop Infrastructure as Code and Configuration as Code
  • Develop cloud agnostic air gapped solutions

Examples of tools our experts use:




ARA’s experienced DevOps engineers, cloud security engineers, and software engineers will architect and implement secure cloud solutions to address your most challenging problems.

John Mann Director of Analytics, Cloud and Edge Solutions (ACES)   •  Tel: 919-582-3392