Electromagnetics & RF Technologies

ARA specializes in scientific services, products, and research and development for defense and commercial applications in the areas of electromagnetic propagation and scattering, design and fabrication of antennas and radomes, RF measurement testing services, electro-optics, RF materials, microelectronics, and computational modeling and simulation.

ARA serves the U.S. military, government, aerospace, and related defense and commercial industries, in the areas of computational analysis, design, measurement, validation and verification of technologies involving the electromagnetic spectrum, covering radio frequency, microwave, millimeter wave, terahertz, infrared, and electro-optical wavelengths.

The company’s highly skilled staff of engineers, mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists represents a small community of experts nationwide that perform and provide critical foundational research, development, and hardware fabrication that makes our military forces more effective and safe; aircraft and ground vehicles more capable in areas of communication, navigation and low observability; and methodologies and equipment that enable continued development of advanced technologies.

When faced with the challenge to solve complex computing issues in the most efficient manner possible, U.S. government agencies turn to the ARA electromagnetics team.

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