High Temperature Measurements and Material Property Testing

ARA’s high temperature measurement services offer the ability to extract material properties such as permittivity and permeability as a function of frequency and temperature. Current capabilities include testing in the 5 to 30 GHz range using transmission and reflection at elevated temperatures up to 4000˚F.

Capability Highlights

  • Transmission and reflection testing in the 5 to 30 GHz range up to 4000˚F
  • Material property extraction (e.g., permittivity, permeability, sheet impedance) as a function of frequency and temperature
  • High temperature failure point identification
  • Advanced sample holder designs and robust material inversion algorithms
  • Customer partnerships to optimize the R&D and fabrication process for high temperature materials

ARA provides full-cycle material characterization support – from implementing a custom test plan to helping you interpret and act on the results. OUR custom-designed products come with the CEM solution over frequency range consistent with its electrical size, along with uncertainty parameters. 

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