Bioaerosols & Applied Microbiology

ARA is a leader in bioaerosol science research and applied microbiology. Our scientists and engineers are able to develop custom solutions to aerosolize and analyze biosafety level (BSL) I and II microorganisms for a variety of applications. Through our extensive partnerships, we also have a reach-back capability to aerosolize BSL III microorganisms. Our focus on mostly applied research and advanced technology research has enabled us to lead in the development of aerosol test standards and to develop and validate aerosol devices/chambers.

Our microbiology and antimicrobial efficacy research works with a diverse range of microbial agents (bacteria, phage, mammalian viruses, insect viruses, fungi, spores, etc.) to evaluate the performance of reactive materials and other antimicrobial agents. We develop custom testing solutions and new consensus standards and perform standard ASTM test protocols. All testing can be performed using Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) regulations as needed.

Through ARA’s own BSL-II Microbiology Laboratory (Panama City, FL) and by leveraging collaborator facilities through various public-private partnerships, we can provide a broad array of bioaerosol and microbiology research opportunities.

ARA’s bioaerosol and microbiology research is providing game changing solutions for government and industry.

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