SonoWeb: Particle and Aerosol Concentrator/Sampler


An abundance of effective technologies exist for the point detection of biological aerosols, but their effectiveness is only as good as the front-end aerosol sampling method. Traditional inertial aerosol concentrators are currently used to sample the and concentrate aerosols to increase the sensitivity of point detectors.  But, inertial concentrators require power-hungry blower fans, they tend to clog, and they are only effective on larger particles (e.g., 2 micron and larger)


ARA’s SonoWeb technology uses ultrasonic forces to concentrate particles.  The SonoWeb is low power and efficiently concentrates particles in the key threat size range of 0.3 to 5 microns. The SonoWeb can be adjusted to bandpass select particle diameters, can be operated over a wide range of air flow rates, and requires a fraction of the power consumed by existing inertial aerosol concentrators.

The SonoWeb acoustic concentrator can improve the performance and efficiency of detectors such as:

  • TACBIO II (fluorescent and elastic backscatter)
  • Joint Biological Tactical Detection System (JBTDS)
  • DHS Low-cost Biological Agent Detection System (LBADS)
  • Environmental particle samplers (PM2.5) like integrating nephelometers
  • Raman-based spectroscopy systems
  • Cleanroom dust monitoring systems
  • Other future systems used for military and civilian chemical and biological defense

The SonoWeb technology allows for high sensitivity detection of aerosol threats.

Brian Zadler PHD  •  Tel: 303-795-8106