OTONOS provides unmanned remote control and tele-operation capability to a manned vehicle removing the driver from dirty, dull and dangerous conditions keeping the vehicle driver out of harm’s way, i.e., explosive, chemical, biological, radiation, terrain hazards or continuously repeating the same route.

Otonos Enables Remote Vehicle Operations 

ARA develops robotic systems for a variety of applications, from performing operations in high-risk areas to carrying the gear for dismounted infantry or converting manned military vehicles to optionally unmanned. We have been providing robotic solutions for the military, first responders, and a variety of commercial markets since 1996.

Our Otonos family of products brings remote vehicle operations to a variety of commercially available vehicles and heavy equipment. The Tele-Operations kit allows equipment operators to do the job from the comfort of a truck cab or trailer, eliminating the risks from many dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs. It installs into a vehicle quickly, to provide audio, HD quality video with all the gauges, alarms, and feedback you’d see if you were driving the vehicle normally, while maintaining the ability to drive the vehicle manually with the flip of a switch.

ARA is continually increasing the list of autonomy ready vehicles provided by Otonos. 

What is the Otonos advantage?

    • Otonos leverages over 20 years of robotic applique kit experience on a diverse set of both skid steer and Ackerman steered off-road vehicles for military, industrial, hazmat and forestry applications.

    • Combat and field proven technology meeting stringent safety requirements in unmanned mode while allowing normal manual operations at a flip of a switch.

    • Otonos installs in less than one hour and keeps equipment operators out of harm’s way when remotely executing dirty, dull and dangerous missions.

    • Cyber secure radio options maintains full operator control at all times while providing low-latency command and control and full motion video.

    • Independent hand-held and vehicle mounted emergency stop capability designed to demanding commercial standards and passing even more stringent military safety certification.

    • Numerous all-weather camera options and easy installation/relocation of camera locations on vehicle to optimize user experience during tele-operation.

    • Several optional vehicle autonomy upgrades that provide “follow-me”, “return home”, “go there”, “change/maintain formation”, “cut this tree”, “dig here” capability without further operator commands.

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