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Emergency Stop

The Otonos Emergency Stop provides redundant safety at a distance


ARA’s E-Stop is essential equipment for autonomous or optionally-manned equipment. Accidents happen, so when operators get into a situation they don’t like, ARA’s E-Stop will stop the machine in its tracks, at any distance the robotic vehicle can operate. Entirely redundant, the system does not rely upon the platform or any onboard robotics to stop the system. Robotic vehicle shuts down and stops when the button is depressed.

ARA’s E-Stop is also a key piece of safety equipment in dangerous fields such as mining, forestry, and environmental remediation for manned equipment. Spotters, supervisors, or operators can shut equipment down when problems occur, and before accidents happen. A full list of features include:

  • Provides the safety of an emergency stop at distance
  • Creates an entirely redundant safety system
  • Radio system independent of any robotics or onboard equipment
  • Stops the system if the E-Stop link is broken
  • Stops the system with damage to the E-Stop
  • Stops the system when the E-Stop button is depressed
  • Rechargeable with wall adaptor or Hot Swappable rechargeable battery design  


Purchase includes hand-held E-Stop with charging cord, Platform Transceiver, and Interface Document

  • E-Stop Specifications:
    • Rechargeable via included Micro USB to wall adaptor
    • 5″x3″x1.5″
    • Hot Swappable rechargeable battery design
    • Protected against dust and water ingress IP67
    • Battery charger not included
  • Platform Transceiver Specifications:
    • 6lbs
    • 6″x2.5″x2″
    • Protected against dust and water ingress
    • Vibration resistant
    • Protected against dust and water ingress IP67

Otonos E-Stop Applications:

  • Essential equipment for unmanned or optionally manned vehicles
  • Enable remote safety for supervisors in traditionally dangerous fields
    • Military
    • EOD/Bomb Squads
    • Forestry
    • Mining
    • Environmental Remediation

Vehicle Interface Controller

The Otonos Vehicle Interface Controller is a low cost ROS and JAUS interface between the vehicle and tele-operated or autonomous command and control.


ARA’s Vehicle Interface Controller (VIC) allows providers of autonomy or remote operations equipment to control equipped vehicles via an industry-standard Robotic Operating System (ROS) or Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS) interoperability (IOP) interface. The PBC has an onboard vehicle ‘model’ that interprets ROS and JAUS messages, and converts them into vehicle specific motions. With the PBC equipped, the platform is truly robot ready.

The VIC directly interfaces with CAN controlled vehicles. Vehicles with other digital, analog, or manual controls are interfaced with an optional breakout controller.

The VIC is a required system component for robotic control with our Tele-Op and Autonomy packages.

The VIC is found in the military, on construction vehicles, and in forestry equipment. The vehicles supported by the VIC grow every year! The complete list of features are:

  • Accepts ROS + JAUS commands for vehicle control
  • Provides vehicle specific feedback
  • Onboard power management system provides 5 minutes of power during brownout situations (e.g., vehicle starter engaged)
  • Optional authentication protects proprietary messages and locks out hackers


Purchase includes Vehicle Interface Controller, Pigtail R&D Cable, and Interface Documentation


  • 8¼in. x 6¼in. x 2in.
  • 1.2lbs
  • Protected against dust and water ingress (IP67)
  • Vibration resistant
  • 12V or 24V Input

Otonos VIC Applications:

  • OEM equipment to vehicle manufacturers enables a robot ready product
  • Coupled with our Tele-op or Autonomy packages, enables remote or autonomous operations in traditionally dangerous fields
    • Military
    • EOD/Bomb Squads
    • Forestry
    • Mining
    • Environmental and hazardous material remediation
  • Enables robotic researchers to focus on autonomy

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