ARA supports commercial, general aviation, and military airports worldwide through innovative services and technologies that enhance airport safety/security, enable airports to better manage airfields and facilities, and improve pavement performance. We combine our decades of research and experience to develop the right strategy at the right time for our customers, helping them cost-effectively maintain the desired level of service.

Our pavement testing and management expertise maximizes performance and minimizes operations and maintenance costs. We enhance airport operations and security through vulnerability assessments and blast analysis, safety management systems (SMS), runway safety improvements, and emergency management planning. We also employ human factors engineering that improves interaction between people and systems, minimizing the potential for design-induced and operational error.

For military airfields, we develop and evaluate novel materials and equipment prototypes to generate effective processes for sustainment and expedient repairs, and perform operating surface evaluations that employ the latest testing technologies.

Our advanced research has produced new chemical agents and fire-retardant materials, improved delivery systems, and specialized apparatus and techniques to counter fire threats to aircraft, special facilities, and military weapons systems and operations around the world. Using a combination of computer modeling and laboratory and field tests, we improve the efficiency of existing firefighting systems and develop prototypes for new technology.

ARA is a premier provider of state-of-the-practice airport security, infrastructure, and safety solutions for commercial airports and DoD airfield installations. Our innovative engineering efforts and leading-edge studies significantly reduce risks associated with critical decisions for the country’s airport and airfield leaders.

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