Hydrothermal Refining (HR) for Edible Oils

Outperforming Traditional Methods of Oil Degumming

ARA’s Hydrothermal Refining is a single-step continuous process for degumming crude oils. The key advantage of Hydrothermal Refining is that the process hydrolyzes a majority of gums into diglycerides, which end up in the oil product instead in a waste gum stream, resulting in yield savings of 2-6% or more with most crude vegetable oils.

Hydrothermal Refining (HR) Advantages


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How it Works

ARA’s patented Hydrothermal Refining (HR) process uses turbulent flow to mix an oil-water-acid mixture, facilitating the hydrolysis of phospholipids and removal of other contaminants, resulting in a higher yield that is easier to achieve. The HR process requires only water, citric acid, heat, and pressure to efficiently remove impurities like phosphorus, chlorides, metals, and other inorganics. This process works even on the most challenging, high impurity crude edible oils.

Integrating the HR system into an existing refinery is seamless. The system leverages standard equipment such as pumps, heat exchangers, and heater and oil water separators. Since most metals are also removed in the process, the system minimizes the consumption of bleaching earth and other consumables and can dramatically increase throughput.

Hydrothermal Refining for Edible Oil Degumming
Hydrothermal Refining for Edible Oil Degumming

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Covered by U.S. Patent 10,071,322 B2 (2018) and European Patent 3250660 (2023)

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