RF Material Characterization

ARA has extensive experience in the electromagnetic characterization of materials and has participated in the material measurement community for over three decades. During that time, we have worked with every traditional guided wave, free space and cavity measurement technique as well as designed unique test fixtures, characterized diverse material types, developed novel inversion algorithms, and instituted best practices in use today by the community. From its inception, our personnel were integral members of the Material Measurement Working Group (MMWG), an annual meeting comprised of material experts from government, industry, and academia. Jeff Berrie, ARA’s former Division Manager in Dayton, OH was a founding member of the MMWG; and Hirsch Chizever, the Group Leader for ARA’s Electromagnetics, Materials and Devices Group, served as the MMWG Technical Coordinator from 2014-2019.  

Recently, ARA has invested in a high temperature material measurement capability with an upper limit of 2000˚F with a view toward hypersonic material support. ARA is also expanding its measurement and inversion capabilities into areas of non-destructive free-space testing of anisotropic materials.

Whether the material is a simple dielectric, combined dielectric and magnetic, or complex artificial medium, ARA has the personnel, experience, and resources to address it. 

ARA’s expertise in this area includes:

  • RF material characterization of aerospace materials and composites 
  • Dielectric and magnetic property measurements, including permittivity, permeability, conductivity and more 
  • High and low temperature 
  • Focused beam systems 
  • Guided wave testing 
  • Resonant cavities 

ARA offers unmatched expertise in RF materials research, measurement, and analysis to characterize the behavior of advanced materials with certain frequencies and orientations.

Hirsch Chizever PhD  •  Tel: 937-974-7559