RF Transmission Tunnel

ARA’s RF Transmission Tunnels provide a means of testing the RF reflection and transmission properties of thin sheets or panels from 4 to 100 GHz at multiple angles of incidence. Often times, these panels are configured with a variety of specialized material properties and/or frequency selective surfaces (FSSs). We measure the full S-parameter matrix of these panels as a function of frequency, angle, and polarization to provide valuable insight into the properties and performance of a given composite material that supports design optimization and validation throughout the development cycle.

Using ARA’s RF Transmission Tunnel, we can perform testing in the 4-100 GHz frequency range at ambient temperatures. ARA can currently perform High Temperature Measurements in the 5-30 GHz frequency range at elevated temperatures up to 2000˚F.

Panel testing in ARA’s RF Transmission Tunnel provides the ability to test and optimize composite materials throughout the development cycle prior to full scale fabrication and integration.

Hirsch Chizever PhD  •  Tel: 937-974-7559