ReadiDiesel contains the same molecules, meets the same specifications, and has the same performance as petroleum diesel, all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

In the Coordinating Research Council (CRC) Renewable Diesel Study, CRC compared ARA’s ReadiDiesel (RD3) to petroleum, HEFA, and FT diesels.

“The GTL and five of the six renewable diesels (RD1, RD2, RD4, RD5, and RD6) were predominantly composed of saturates (>97wt.%). The one exception was RD3 which looked more like the petroleum-derived fuels than the other renewable fuels and had an aromatics content of 21 wt.% and cycloparaffins content of ~ 42wt.%.”

Advantages of ReadiDiesel

  • Physical and energy density is the same as petroleum diesel
  • 6% more miles per gallon than HEFA and FT diesels
  • 12% more miles per gallon than biodiesel
  • As with petroleum diesel, pour and cloud points can be adjusted to meet environmental requirements for summer diesel, winter diesel, and even arctic diesel

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