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HurLoss is the most published and peer reviewed model available. Since 1998 it has been accepted by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for setting national hurricane wind speed standards.
HurLoss has been vetted and approved by the Florida Commission on Hurricane Loss Projection Methodology (FCHLPM) since 2000. Many of the largest insurers rely on HurLoss to support their rate filing and mitigation programs.
HurLoss loss estimates accurately differentiate between the range of building design and construction features commonly seen in portfolios. Companies rely on HurLoss to develop profitable underwriting guidelines and to optimize their portfolios.

Our catastrophe modeling software for hurricane risk in the United States is HurLoss. It quantifies hurricane risk and provides loss estimates for insured property. As the need for scientifically defendable and transparent decision-making grows, HurLoss responds.

HurLoss is built on ARA's three decades of wind engineering experience yielding an objective, science-based modeling approach that explains the complex, nonlinear interactions between hurricane winds, buildings and their surroundings.

Our modeling approach explicitly calculates the physical damage to buildings caused by hurricane winds. We subject thousands of distinct 3-D building models to in-depth simulations of wind loads and resistances. This results in transparent and reliable damage and loss estimates, and avoids the need for qualitative judgements. You can be confident that HurLoss loss estimates accurately differentiate between the wide range of building design and construction features commonly seen in portfolios.

If you depend on understanding and quantifying wind risk, we can help. ARA is an internationally recognized leader in assisting companies and organizations to manage catastrophic wind risk.

To find out more about HurLoss and ARA's approach to extreme wind modeling, contact Frank Lavelle at or (919) 582-3350.