Firefighter Forcible Entry Tutorial

Firefighter Forcible Entry Tutorial


Many facilities have windows that are specially designed to protect occupants from glass fragments and debris that may result from explosions, high winds, gun shots, physical attack, and other severe events. These special windows are generally harder to break than typical windows. This may cause some difficulties for an unsuspecting and unprepared occupant or firefighter attempting to vent or clear a window. ARA was tasked with creating a tutorial to demonstrate the difficulties and help firefighters learn to identify the special windows and what tools would be necessary to use.


ARA developed a program to educate first responders, firefighters, facility tenants, and citizens about specialty windows such as blast, hurricane, and ballistic windows through classroom, live demonstration, and online training; teach firefighters the best forcible entry method for these window systems; and to research different methods and tools to breech these specialty windows. To develop an online training course, ARA provided 8 training classes at firefighter training facilities across the State of Louisiana. ARA performed a morning classroom instruction followed by an afternoon hands-on training which gave firefighters the opportunity to breach various types of specialty windows. ARA filmed the hands-on training to include as video demonstrations in the online training. ARA filmed firefighters breaching 80 specialty windows during the course of the project. ARA was responsible for supplying, installing, and supervising the breaching of the windows. The online training was developed and hosted by ARA as a service for the GSA.


Since the online training was made available in July 2005, over 3800 users have taken the course and successfully passed the online examination. ARA has received overwhelmingly positive feedback: 90% good or excellent scores on all survey questions.

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