ARC4: Heads-Up Situational Awareness



Traditional wearable information systems require personnel to look down at maps or smartphone devices to access geo-spatial information. In so doing, their head is ‘down’ and their attention is drawn away from what is happening directly in front of them. ARC4 enables the user to acquire time-critical geo-spatial information with their ‘head-up’ and ‘eyes-out’ on the environment.


ARC4 is advanced augmented reality (AR) technology that delivers heads-up situational awareness for outdoor on-the-move applications. Rather than looking down at a 2D map or smartphone device, the user sees virtual icons overlaid on their real-world view. ARC4 is an AR fusion engine that incorporates advanced head tracking sensors and algorithms, network management software, and an intuitive user interface to overlay iconic information on the user’s environment. ARC4 interfaces to daytime see-through displays and night-vision goggles.

ARC4 enables leap-ahead AR applications in:

  • Defense: Presents heads-up tactical information for on-the-move operations
  • Consumer Products: Object tagging and sharing for social networks
  • Team Coordination: Shared awareness for emergency response
  • Logistics & Operations: Tracking assets, personnel, and tasks for worksites
  • Immersive Training and Gaming: Virtual avatars and effects embedded with live operations

ARC4 Night Vision Goggle


ARC4 User Experience


ARC4 enables personnel teams to perform tasks with high awareness of their surroundings, in close coordination with each other, and with enhanced safety and speed.

This product is controlled according to the US Export Administration Regulations.

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