Famous for being the “birthplace of aviation” and home to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), Dayton is a hub for aerospace technology and innovation. It is also home to many of ARA’s engineers, scientists, and technicians.

7735 Paragon Road   •  Centerville OH 45459   •  United States  •  Tel: 937-435-1016

What We Do

At ARA’s Dayton offices, we perform advanced research and development related to electromagnetic propagation and scattering, design and fabrication of antennas and radomes, RF measurement testing services, electro-optics, RF materials, microelectronics, and computational modeling and simulation. We operate in a highly technical field, with a talented staff of engineers, scientists, and technicians with backgrounds in electrical engineering, applied mathematics, physics, and computer science. We share a passion for finding the best solution to our customers’ problems.

Careers at ARA

We offer a collaborative work environment that provides growth opportunities for self-driven, intelligent, and dedicated people who are eager to be a part of motivated teams developing tomorrow’s technology.

ARA’s Dayton office is seeking engineers, mathematicians, physicists, and computer scientists experienced in one or more of the following areas:

• RF measurements
• Microwave circuits
• Digital signal processing
• Computational electromagnetic modeling
• Meta materials technologies
• Antennas
• Microelectronics
• Electro-optics

To see current openings in Dayton, go to: www.ara.com/careers

Growth at ARA

Many of our mid- and senior-level staff began their careers at ARA as interns, working alongside experts in computational electromagnetics and RF characterization. In fact, when ARA expanded its Multi-Spectral Measurement Laboratory to include a compact range, interns played a critical role in installing the radar absorbing material as well as integrating and calibrating the equipment. These same interns are now full-time ARA employees supporting active contracts while pursuing graduate degrees based on their areas of interest.

Whether you are a student looking to get your feet wet or an experienced engineer looking for opportunities to grow into a more senior position, our subject matter experts will work with you to provide mentorship and help you pave a path forward.

Looking to settle down, instead? Good news – Dayton is ranked as one of the top 100 places to retire based on affordability, job market, and quality of life.

Budgeting your Move to Dayton

This cost of living calculator may help you to compare cost of living in the Dayton area with your current city.

Team Recommendations

We asked our team what they loved about Dayton and boy did they deliver. We all agree that Miami Valley Trails is one of Dayton’s highlights. As the largest paved trail network in the U.S., Miami Valley Trails offers 340 miles of paved trails with gorgeous scenery – a great way to exercise after enjoying a meal at one of Dayton’s many tasty local restaurants. As a bonus, these trails are so sprawling that you can get to a large majority of the attractions on this list through them.

Fridays in the Office

If you ever have the pleasure of visiting one of our Dayton offices on a Friday, there’s something you should know. Every Friday we loosen up and show some spirit by celebrating a seasonal theme, for example College Shirt Friday during college football season, bring in your team tailgate flag (for the winning teams), Ugly Sweater Friday during the holidays, March Madness Fridays…the list goes on!

During the summer we honor the Aloha tradition of wearing Hawaiian shirts, and for us it’s a celebration of team spirit, camaraderie and of course TGIF. Those who know us know that we work hard and play hard, and on Fridays we like to combine a bit of both.

Granted, when we first announced our Friday tradition internally, we got mostly an Office Space reaction. But we have some enthusiastic converts, and every Friday they take it to the next level. Because when we do something we go all out, and do it right.