Multi-Spectral Measurement Laboratory

As a state-of-the-art measurement facility operated by ARA’s Applied Electromagnetics Division, our Multi-Spectral Measurement Lab (MSL) sets the standard in using best practices for physics-based data collections. We design, fabricate, and assemble the majority of our measurement systems in-house, with ARA’s materials, RF, and electrical engineers working closely with our mathematicians, physicists, and software developers to create integrated, optimal data collection and processing techniques.

Located in Dayton, Ohio, the facility’s close proximity to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base makes the MSL an accessible and convenient resource for our Air Force and defense contractor customers.

Facility highlights include:

  • Compact Range designed to measure antenna properties and radar target scattering features from 4-100 GHz
  • Direct Illumination Chamber primarily used for transmission testing in the 2-18 GHz range
  • RF Tunnel used to test RF reflection and transmission properties of thin sheets from 2-18 GHz at multiple angles of incidence
  • Split Tube Furnace for high-temperature measurements in the 4-30 GHz range with elevated temperatures up to 2,000° F
  • Passive RF Impedance Spectrometry (PRISM) measurement system used to perform non-destructive characterization of microelectronic components
  • Two 6-DOF Yaskawa Motoman Robots currently being fitted to evaluate multispectral optical aircraft inspection techniques
  • Custom RF Test Fixtures geared towards our customers’ unique test scenarios, which range from 100 MHz-100 GHz and rely heavily on robust material inversion algorithms

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