Transportation Asset Management


Asset management requires a strategic approach to allocating scarce resources for the preservation, operation, maintenance, and management of transportation infrastructure.


Through the systematic use of management processes, engineering and economic analysis, communication strategies, and other tools, transportation agencies can understand the effect of their decisions on the capacity, quality, and future needs of their transportation system. Through effective asset management, agencies can maximize their return on investment, improve system performance, extend the life of critical assets, and increase customer satisfaction.

ARA is a full-service technology provider with experience in:

  • Planning
  • Data collection
  • Modeling
  • Performance management
  • Software/system implementation
  • Programming
  • Monitoring
  • Technology implementation/deployment
  • Communications/outreach

We understand that pavement or asset management is an integrated set of processes and policies, not just a computerized software package. A successful system requires a detailed understanding of the agency’s needs, existing data, information systems, and decision-making processes. Once these are clearly identified, the ARA staff embarks on a regimented scope of data collection, modeling, and system implementation tasks.

ARA is well-versed in a range of condition assessment techniques (including video, nondestructive, crowdsourcing, existing data sources, and foot-on-ground), modeling tools, and asset management software. This flexibility and know-how allows ARA to implement the tools that will best serve any given agency.

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