STAMPS: Simulation Toolset for the Analysis of Mission Personnel and Systems


Manpower is a major cost driver for fielding ships, and the number of personnel required onboard a ship is driven by a complex, inter-related set of variables—the platform design, requirements for operation, maintenance, repair, recovery, etc. Existing analytical tools to reduce platform costs focus on either the ship/system design or the manpower complement. Because design and manpower are not assessed together, it is assumed that the missing component will perform optimally (i.e., manpower will always be available and able to perform system tasking, and systems will always operate at maximum capability). In addition, existing tools do not account for the interaction between system design choices and manpower requirements. The Office of Naval Research sought to develop an integrated toolset that would assess the balance between manpower, system design, and platform applications (deployments) required to effectively optimize platform performance and cost.


STAMPS is a mission planning system for Navy surface ships that integrates a custom-developed readiness/preparedness model that helps determine training, manpower, system, and maintenance schedules to predict if the ship and/or crew are capable of completing the upcoming planned mission/scenario. STAMPS has also integrated a custom-developed requirements model that looks at the required Sailors necessary to meet the mission requirements of the ship over a long-range scenario.  Also included in the development effort is a risk model that will look at the current crew configuration and, based on integration with the Human Injury Treatment program, assesses if the crew can respond to an incapacitating event and still remain capable of meeting mission requirements.

STAMPS users can:

  • Assess the design-crew balance for a wide range of platform deployments
  • Map system and mission requirements to individual billets in the prospective crew
  • Analyze the tasks required by the ship design to optimize the manpower, personnel, and training capabilities of a Ship/Fleet/Navy to produce the most cost-effective crew
  • Configure billet training profiles for a billet sequence code and then convert them to a specific billet identification number when a new Sailor arrives at the Ship

Simulation Toolset for Analysis of Mission, Personnel and Systems (STAMPS) program software suite is a collection of software widgets that users can operate to perform a variety of tasks to understand training, manpower, mission requirements, and their complex interrelations.

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