Security Support Services and Assessments


Many organizations have a need for additional support for their physical and electronic security, risk management, security engineering, and chemical, biological, and radiological (CBR) effects. This requires significant resources, including subject matter expertise, in a wide range of advanced security practices.


ARA has extensive experience supporting various agencies with a comprehensive range of security services such as physical and electronic security design, risk assessments, blast assessments and mitigation, disaster management planning, perimeter barrier analysis, evacuation simulations, flood studies, and chemical, biological, and radiological event modeling.

For over a decade, ARA has provided security assistance to The Smithsonian, which is responsible for protecting a large quantity of the nation’s history, as well as the millions of annual visitors to its museums. ARA has also leveraged its security services to support the Social Security Administration and others.

ARA has also provided independent and comprehensive reviews of existing security operations and measures and make recommendations regarding a range of complex security issues such as perimeter security and blast vulnerability for customers such as the United State Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Health facilities, FAA regional offices, IBM India facilities, and many more.

In providing these services, ARA considers a range of factors including the local threat environment and evaluates physical and operational security countermeasures to determine their effectiveness and improve an organization’s security posture.

ARA can also provide its comprehensive security services prior to design and construction of a given facility.

ARA’s comprehensive security services and team of subject matter experts can improve communication, consistency, and mitigation measures intended to address the threats facing an agency and provide information on pressing concerns that require advanced knowledge of complex security issues.

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