Randolph Manufacturing / Prototyping Facility

ARA produces robotic platforms and related technologies, sensors, geo-environmental equipment, pavement testing machines, and other specialized hardware at our Vermont facility under an ISO 9001:2015 certification. We apply lean manufacturing and Six Sigma principles to optimize processes and efficiency. 

The facility comprises over 63,000-ft2 of space including offices, shops, laboratories, dedicated QA/QC areas, a clean room, inventory storage/control, and large indoor testing areas.  A majority of the space is used for prototyping, manufacturing, storing and maintaining ARA products. 47 acres of open space provide abundant outdoor testing areas for robotic unmanned ground and air vehicles, sensors, etc. 

The ARA facility includes:

  • Computer Aided Design shop – Powerful work stations with SolidWorks, MATLAB, etc. to support component and system refinements and other specialized hardware needs.
  • Electronics shop – A dozen work stations for circuit board and electrical system troubleshooting and design operations. Fully equipped for circuit board fabrication (including surface mount), cabling, and testing.
  • Machine shop – Computerized CNC, lathes, drill presses, ovens, etc. support rapid prototyping and fabrication of mounts or other customized parts.
  • Fabrication and maintenance shop – Versatile area capable of handling large robotic platforms such as tractor trailer trucks and construction equipment. Well equipped with hand, electric, and pneumatic tooling for assembly, maintenance, and repair of robotic platforms and integrated components/tools. 
  • QA/QC shop – Provides testing of components, subassemblies and complete assemblies to ensure quality at all key points in the manufacturing process as well as for checkout of repaired equipment.
  • Testing lab – Large open area with movable work stations that support testing of fully assembled robots and sensor systems.
  • Controlled access storage – A dedicated, secure area approximately 25’ x 65’ (1625-ft2) in the warehouse section of the facility.
  • 63,000 SF Facility

  • 5,000 SF Electronics

  • 3,600 SF Machine and Assembly 

  • 16,000 SF Controlled Inventory

  • 4,000 SF ESD Controlled Fabrication

  • In-house SolidWorks Design

  • ME, EE, SW, Systems Engineering

  • Design for Manufacturing

  • 3D Printing

  • 47 Acre Test Area

Matthew Fordham  •  Tel: 802-728-4588

250 Beanville Road  • Randolph, VT 05060