Progressive Collapse Analysis


A number of existing building codes make varying degrees of reference to progressive collapse analysis and design. Unfortunately, in most of the existing U.S. building codes and standards that contain progressive collapse provisions, the available guidance is either vague in defining, or does not define, the key issues that must be addressed in performing a progressive collapse analysis/design. This lack of guidance from existing building codes has resulted in conflicting interpretations as to how one should approach progressive collapse analysis and/or design. 


In response to this, ARA developed progressive collapse criteria. To facilitate the implementation of these criteria, ARA developed the “Progressive Collapse Analysis & Design Guidelines for New Federal Office Buildings and Major Modernization Projects” under sponsorship of the General Service Administration (GSA).

ARA also helps organizations evaluate their facilities for progressive collapse potential and identify upgrades to reduce the potential for progressive collapse. ARA has evaluated numerous buildings in the GSA’s inventory using a threat-independent methodology, since the onset of progressive collapse may be triggered by a variety of events, not just an intentional bombing of a facility.

ARA developed criteria and progressive collapse analyses can save lives and prevent injury, while also protecting buildings, functions, and assets in the event of severe structural damage to a facility.

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