Team Polaris Demos MRZR X Ahead of Robotic Vehicle Competition


MRZR X RCV-L DemoTeam Polaris, consisting of Polaris, ARA, and Neya Systems, recently demonstrated its MRZR® X at Texas A&M University for the U.S. Army in anticipation of a major robotic combat vehicle competition.

Team Polaris brought its optionally-manned MRZR® X to demonstrate the modularity and capability of the base platform and technology, which meets the payload and mobility goals of the Remote Combat Vehicle-Light (RCV-L) program.

The demonstration comes as the Army reviews its modernization efforts in the face of a shift to near-peer adversaries, and seeks to further integrate autonomy and other modernized capabilities into its combat vehicle fleet.

“The MRZR® X base platform and technology is a great stepping stone that meets the payload and mobility goals of the RCV–L program, and we look forward to further exploring the use of MRZR® X as a possible RCV-L solution," - ARA Division Manager Matthew Fordham.

The platform is capable of highway speeds, allowing it to move with convoys. In addition, the drive-by-wire technology integrated on the MRZR® X is a generational leap forward for off-road vehicles.

“The industry-standard Robotic Operating System (ROS) and Interoperability (IOP) interfaces provide the government with several options as they move forward with payloads from different vendors to meet the ever-changing mission sets of our soldiers,” Fordham added.

Team Polaris also demonstrated the automatic launch and recovery of a micro drone, the use of a multispectral imaging system, and the integration of federated networks on the Polaris MRZR® X.

“The system can scout possible routes for the platform and ground forces, provide over watch of an attack, enemy movement or general areas of interest, and provide nighttime infrared target acquisition and situational awareness before committing soldiers to a route or target,” Fordham said.

To learn more about the demo, visit the article published in Defense News:

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