Neya Principal Robotics Software Engineer David Martin Named Chair of SAE International’s AS-4 Steering Committee

Applied Research Associates, Inc.’s (ARA) Neya Systems Division, a leading provider of off-road autonomy and mission planning software, today announced that Principal Robotics Software Engineer David Martin has been named the chair of the SAE International AS-4 (Unmanned Systems) Steering Committee.

The primary objective of AS-4 is to standardize unmanned system interoperability across military, civil, and commercial domains through open systems and architecture development. The AS-4 Steering Committee also oversees the work of two additional committees: the AS-4 Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS) committee as well as the AS-4B task group, formerly known the AS-UCS (Unmanned Systems Control) committee.

In his new role, Martin will oversee the development of interfaces and standards as unmanned air, ground, surface, and undersea systems transition from teleoperation into autonomy. He plans to foster and grow the relationship between AS-4 JAUS and the U.S. Army’s Interoperability Profile (IOP), as well as increase in-person participation at biannual meetings.


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