ARA Researchers Release Findings on Body Positioning and Blast Exposure

During training and deployment, service members experience blast exposure that can negatively impact brain health in the short and long term.

To help address this impact, a team of researchers at Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) studied service members’ blast exposure and collected exposure data as part of the Combat and Training Queryable Exposure/Event Repository (CONQUER) program.

Using BlackBox Biometrics (B3) Blast Gauge System (BGS), ARA scientists instrumented military trainees and instructors employing breaching charges, shoulder-fired weapons, and a 120mm mortar launcher. Trainees and instructors modified their positions relative to the blast from each and ARA determined the positions that mitigated blast exposure the most effectively.

This important research resulted in the development of training procedures that reduce service member exposure to negative brain health effects by at least 35 percent, and in some cases more than 50 percent. Based on these observations, researchers have suggested new locations and body positioning of service members during training.

The article “Significant Mitigation of Blast Overpressure Exposure During Training by Adjustment of Body Position as Demonstrated With Field Data” was published in the Oxford Academic’s Journal of Military Medicine here.

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Suthee Wiri, PhD, Christina Wagner, PhD, Jasmyne Longwell, BS, Tasha Adams, BS, Joshua Whitty, Todd Massow, James Reid, Cyrus Dunbar, Wallace Graves, Andrea Gonzales, MS, Charles E Needham, MS, Fabio Leonessa, MD, Josh L Duckworth, MD

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