ARA Experts Discuss Value Engineering

Security experts at Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) have authored an article published in the April 2021 edition of Security Business Magazine titled “Value Engineering for Security Design Projects.”

Value Engineering is a multi-disciplinary, systematic process for achieving best value in a design that goes beyond simply cost cutting. The article, authored by Joseph Smith, an ARA Senior Vice President and Sector Manager, Mikhael Erekson, an ARA Senior Engineer and Group Leader, and Kenneth Herrle, an ARA Senior Engineer, explores how designers, integrators and project managers can use Value Engineering concepts to decrease design, construction, lifecycle, or operational costs while ultimately delivering greater value to the end user.

“Value Engineering can optimize a design, so it meets required functions without sacrificing quality at a minimal cost,” the authors wrote.

In the article, the authors provide a step-by-step overview of the Value Engineering process. Having a Value Engineering mindset throughout design can help extract greater value while maintaining project requirements, the article says, and the Value Engineering process is most beneficial when it starts early in the project, when there is the greatest flexibility to develop and change design ideas.

“It is important to continually communicate and bounce ideas back and forth with other members of the design team, and to also try viewing the problem from different perspectives and other design disciplines.”

For decades, ARA has leveraged Value Engineering for its customers to provide effective solutions to their toughest challenges.

Read the full article at Security Business.

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