What We Do

ARA’s team at the Littleton office, situated at the base of the Rockies, specializes in cutting-edge research and development, covering a spectrum from scientific exploration in acoustics and impact dynamics to prototyping electromechanical sensors and systems. We pride ourselves on fostering innovation, creativity, and collaboration to address challenges of global significance. Our office includes approximately 6,000 square feet of laboratory space, currently equipped with the following capabilities:

Office Culture

Our team is an assorted blend of individuals united by a shared passion for innovation. We distinguish ourselves from traditional laboratories by fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment.

  • Inclusivity: We celebrate the unique strengths and perspectives each team member brings to the team. Our inclusive culture ensures that every voice is heard, valued, and respected.
  • Work-Life Balance: At the Littleton office, we strive to promote balance between work responsibilities and personal well-being. This increases productivity, employee satisfaction and overall well-roundedness.
  • Social Events: We value connecting outside of the office, hosting happy hours and other social events (including ski days in the Rockies!) to provide the perfect opportunity to relax after work, share laughs, and build lasting connections.

About Littleton

Littleton offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and urban amenities. Our office is strategically located along the Colorado front range mountains to provide not only a visually fulfilling work environment, but also the opportunities for an exceptional quality of life.

Things to Do Nearby

Office Visit

Interested in experiencing the energy of ARA’s Littleton office firsthand? We welcome you to schedule a tour of our state-of-the-art facilities! Get a glimpse of our innovative workspace, meet our friendly team, and discover what makes ARA a unique place to work.

Join us in Littleton, where innovation meets the Rockies!

Careers at ARA

We offer a collaborative work environment that provides growth opportunities for self-driven, intelligent, and dedicated people who are eager to be a part of motivated teams developing tomorrow’s technology. We value flexibility and autonomy and offer our employee-owners the Freedom to achieve success through our benefit program.

ARA’s Albuquerque offices are seeking scientists, engineers, software developers, administrative professionals, support staff, and more to join our team of employee-owners.

To see current openings in Albuquerque go to: www.ara.com/careers.

About ARA

Each of us at ARA, from our technical experts to support staff, are employee-owners. As an 100% employee-owned company, we share a common interest in ARA’s success and we work together for the benefit of all. Through the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), the company buys stock on behalf of eligible employees, allowing them to share in the company’s success and save for retirement all at once.

We take pride in our core value Growth and are committed to growing ourselves and our careers, growing the company, and also are proud to contribute to the local economy. ARA is regularly recognized as a Flying 40 recipient, topping the chart of New Mexico’s highest revenue-producing tech companies.

Company History

ARA was founded in Albuquerque in 1979 with a clear purpose in mind: to create an environment in which highly-skilled professionals can pursue their passions while offering innovative solutions to complex problems of global importance. The purpose and mission upon which ARA was originally founded have remained constant as we chart the course for our future.
To read more about our history go to: www.ara.com/our-history.