IMEA/UTAS: Weapons Effects and WMD Target Response



DTRA required a tool that provided timely support of the targeting cycle with appropriate fidelity for deliberate and dynamic targeting. The solution required was a Hard and Deeply Buried Target (HDBT) and Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) weaponeering tool for inventory weapons. It had to predict weapons effects with sufficient accuracy for the warfighter, using all available data including known intel and sensor data. The tool also had to support development of new weapons and tactics. 


ARA meets DTRA’s rigorous needs with the IMEA/UTAS software package.

IMEA/UTAS provides the intelligence community, warfighters, and analysts ability to characterize building, bunker, tunnel, and open-air targets; predict weapons effects from conventional weapons to calculate the number of weapons and associated aimpoints that will achieve a commander’s objective for HDBTs and target containing WMD; and estimate collateral effects for attacks on WMD targets. The intel community has used it to characterize 5000+ building, bunker, and tunnel target models for weaponeers. Analysts leverage the tools high-fidelity engineering models to create optimal defeat strategies.

ARA’s Integrated Munitions Effects Assessment (IMEA) software system tool is currently used by more units than ever in its history. It is used throughout the warfighter, intelligence and analyst communities as an effective planning and assessment tool.

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