Capital Area Materials Measurement Laboratory

The Materials Measurement Laboratory, an analytical chemistry lab located in Alexandria, VA, supports a wide variety of CBRNE RDT&E efforts, including the analysis of species in crude matrices and the development of simple, field-portable methods and instrumentation. The laboratory focuses on point detection and analyte extraction using novel microfluidic techniques based on electrophoretic principles.

The 1,250 square-foot laboratory consists of synthetic and analytical laboratory space. Current equipment includes custom analytical instrumentation:

  • Gradient elution moving boundary electrophoresis (GEMBE) for the separation and detection of charged species in dirty samples. GEMBE uses simple instrumentation for sensitive, rapid, and reproducible results.
  • Gradient elution isotachophoresis (GEITP) for the preconcentration and detection of any charged molecules (including DNA) in dirty matrices. GEITP is simple, reliable, and fast—extractions occur within five minutes.

Key capabilities include:

ARA’s MML staff capabilities include analytical method development and device fabrication, analytical chemistry (electrophoresis and chromatography-based separations, mass spectrometry, spectroscopy—including standoff detection), mechanical engineering, forensic analysis, tagging/tracking/locating, and basic organic synthesis and purification.


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Alyssa Henry  Senior Scientist   •  Tel: 571-480-5785

4603 B Eisenhower Avenue  •  Alexandria, VA 22304