ASCEND: Assimilation of Sources for Cohesive ENvironment Description


Today’s Soldier needs detailed environment information to better survive. Environment-rich training systems better prepare Soldiers for the rigors of battle. In battle, detailed environment data means better informed Soldiers, leading to better decision making and greater mission success. The challenge is that current military technologies can’t deliver essential information to Soldiers efficiently. Our military possesses powerful sensor and data collection capabilities through systems such as overhead satellite systems, UAVs, and manned aerial platforms. Efficiently delivering the environment information from these data sources to the Soldier is challenging due to growing data volumes and limitations of existing communications architectures.


With ASCEND, our primary objective is to increase survivability through improving the speed and fidelity of environment information delivered to Soldiers.

We are building synthetic environment technologies that enable efficient data collection, transfer, sharing, processing, fusion, transformation, delivery, and use. These capabilities can function as standalone components or be integrated together to streamline synthetic environment modeling. In addition, we are defining interface and protocol standards to support rapid, common data transfer.

ASCEND provides technologies to streamline the source-to-solder pipeline of synthetic environmental data to enhance the modern soldier’s situational awareness and decision making, thereby increasing mission survivability and success.


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