Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection Design


Buildings should not only be architecturally appealing and operationally efficient, they should also be resilient against wind, seismic, progressive collapse, and blast effects. Careful and conscious coordination between architects, engineers, and physical security specialists is key at all phases of design-build projects.


ARA engineers and security specialists work as part of design-build teams beginning at the earliest stages of a project to develop and integrate innovative blast and progressive collapse mitigation strategies that work together with other design aspects in a holistic fashion. 

Technical solutions ARA offers maximize protection to occupants and functions throughout the facility from explosive terrorist attack.

ARA performs analysis and design services ranging from simplified hand calculations to single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) of select components, to full Finite Element Analysis of structural members and systems. We have used our extensive experience and understanding of applicable physical security criteria to develop blast loading and response criteria that lead to more cost-effective solutions.

One such example is the Los Angeles Federal Courthouse, which was designed to be architecturally stunning, sustainable with a LEED Platinum rating, and resistant against blast effects. ARA worked closely with Skidmore Owings & Merrill and Clark Construction on all phases of this prominent design-build project.

ARA engineers have used our extensive experience and innovative solutions at all phases of design-build projects while working closely with all disciplines to develop safe, efficient, and practical solutions.

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