True Augmented Reality ARC4 delivers accurate augmented reality (AR) for outdoor mobile applications. ARC4 users see geo-registered icons overlaid on their real-world view. ARA has successfully integrated ARC4 technology with a variety of heads-up displays and computing platforms. ARC4 can deliver leap-ahead AR situational awareness for your commercial, government, or tactical need.

  • Tactical Situational Awareness

    Real-time decision making through visualization of geo-spatial cues, sensor feeds.

    Tactical Situational Awareness
  • Logistics & Operations

    Site supervision through efficient asset coordination and task tracking.

    Logistics & Operations
  • Small-Team Coordination

    Heads-up non-line-of-sight and non-voice communications

    Small-Team Coordination
  • Consumer Outdoor Activities

    Real-time awareness of friend locations and points of interest. Message and image sharing.

    Consumer Outdoor Activities
  • Construction & Utilities

    Visualization of site boundaries, inspection points, personnel, and utility infrastructure.

    Construction & Utilities
  • Tactical Operations | Emergency Response: Heads-up actionable intelligence. Command. Control. Coordinate within team. Non-voice. Non-line-of-sight.
  • Logistics | Operations: Track materials and assets. Site supervision. Warehousing. Efficient coordination of people and things.
  • Real-estate: Walk through virtual buildings and homes. Visualize landscaping. Brainstorm design options on-site. Facilitate decision-making.
  • Construction | Utilities: Identify and visualize site boundaries. Navigate to inspection points. View electrical, water, sewer lines beneath the ground. Coordinate tasks and activities.
  • Immersive Gaming | Training: Virtual icons, avatars, and visual effects in live outdoor environments. Multi-player AR gaming in backyard. Cost-effective military training.
  • Consumer | Recreation: Tag real-world objects and share with friends so icons appear on their surroundings. Connected. Heads-up. Outdoor enthusiasts (hikers, runners, bikers) tracking points of interest real-time.
Heads-Up Visualization

Universal Display Compatibility

Our software renders AR information on a wide variety of displays, day/night, see-through or pass-through, head mounted or handheld, for easy integration with existing products.

User Interface

Heads-Up Visualization

The intuitive heads-up UI communicates object locations, user position, and look direction. Users tag real world objects with virtual icons and annotations.

Head Tracking

Head Tracking

Algorithms track user position and orientation in outdoor environments, enabling accurate overlay of virtual icons and messages on the real world.


User Coordination

User Coordination

ARC4 enables users to project icons, images, and messages on others' real world views, facilitating non-verbal and non-line-of-sight coordination


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