Military & Commercial Airfields


Airfield incursions can suddenly turn into a life or death situation and military airfields can have classified assets that need constant oversight. ARA’s Sentinel command and control enterprise software solution has been in continuous operation at multiple airfields for more than a decade. Over the years new security modules generally consisting of radars and related cameras have been added based on new threats and improved sensor technology. Sentinel’s open source “Plug and Play” capability allows the seamless introduction of COTS equipment from a wide range of sensor manufacturers each with cost/benefit trade-offs that airfield security managers can decide upon. 

Sentinel combines long range ground radar solutions having human and vehicle tracking capabilities with a variety of camera options that automatically “slew to cue” putting eyes on the moving radar target. Sentinel’s AI algorithms assure that intruder targets are properly analyzed in real time to determine if it is one intruder or groupings of intruders. This software solution also can incorporate hundreds of cameras, door alarms, security gates, controlled access points, license plate readers, and change detection capabilities. Automated masked and alert areas allow airfields to fine tune their alert monitoring to minimize nuisance alarms from “normal” activities.

Sentinel’s automation and AI software allows an individual security person to monitor and react to each alert from hundreds of security sensors and data points. The automation eliminates the need for security personnel to monitor large numbers of sensors and cameras hoping to see something while at the same time fighting off boredom. Instead a smaller security command and control staff reacts to alerts and related images that automatically pop up in front of them.

Sentinel System Includes:

  • Fixed and mobile wide area and perimeter intrusion detection and assessment
  • IP-based primary and alternate command and control capability
  • Remote Administrator workstation reduces security desk operation interruptions
  • Automatic network video recording of all camera video and audio
  • Ergonomically designed command and control displays to reduce operator fatigue
  • Options for additional remote monitoring stations

Where Sentinel makes an impact:

  • Military & Commercial Airfields
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Private Security & Prison Command & Control Centers
  • Ports & Freight Terminals