Security Command and Control System

Sentinel™ is a robust, flexible and modular security command and control system providing automated intruder detection, assessment and situational awareness automatically providing the right information at the right time. 

An AF Security Forces Commander recently remarked “Sentinel is the best system I have seen in over 17 years.”

Wide area and point detection are both provided by combinations of cameras, ground-based radar, microwave, fiber-optic, unattended ground sensors, balanced magnetic/contact switches, etc.

Sentinel’s use of Modular Open System Architecture (MOSA) allows for integration of a wide variety of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) systems to meet customer requirements.  COTS equipment keeps system costs down and allows for integration of state-of-the-art equipment. 

Event response checklists automatically pop-up with alarm management windows to ensure completion of all required operator actions.  

Integrated ground-based radar allows Sentinel to establish an almost unlimited number of detection zones (with user tailorable schedule) to meet operational requirements. 

Detection and assessment events are displayed on an intuitive geo-rectified user interface, making it possible for a single operator to manage hundreds of devices.   

Visible and thermal tracking and change detection cameras autonomously follow intruders via “slew to cue” and “fly to cue” UAS response provide day/night, all-weather surveillance and assessment.  

Integrated AI increases potential target interrogation, allows the system to reduce nuisance alarms, thereby reducing operator fatigue.

Alarm, event video and audio input is recorded for documentation and transportable to various electronic media.

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