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National Security

ARA delivers dependable solutions for our clients and for our communities: solutions that help secure our world. more


ARA serves military, civilian government, and private organizations worldwide with a range of products and services that support the full... more

Health Solutions

ARA is the key partner the medical and military communities look to in order to achieve leading-edge health solutions in a cost-sensitive... more

Energy & Environment

Clean, secure energy resources and environmental protection are fundamental challenges facing the United States, and ARA is tackling these complex... more

Airport Services

Research, evaluation, and design of airfield pavements; construction quality assurance; airport safety; aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF);... more

Pavement Engineering

Mechanistic pavement design, evaluation and testing, pavement management systems, performance modeling, life cycle cost analysis, accelerated... more

Highway R&D and Technology Deployment

ARA helps develop and deploy transportation innovations through innovative research and state-of-the-art communications, outreach, and training... more

Traffic Monitoring

National-level traffic research; installation and maintenance of traffic counting, classification, and weigh-in-motion systems; data collection... more

Transportation Asset Management

Pavement and asset management, vehicle-based data collection, life cycle cost analysis, and construction and maintenance quality assurance systems... more

Transportation System Security and Safety

Safety management systems, vulnerability assessments, threat-alert sensor systems, and crashworthiness modeling to improve infrastructure... more

Ablatives Laboratory

Research, development and manufacturing of ablative heatshields and thermal protection systems for entry and launch vehicles, and missile systems... more

Chemical & Biological Research, Development, Test & Evaluation Labs

Dedicated facilities for RDT&E in applied microbiology, bioaerosols, environmental contaminants, advanced biofuels, and renewable chemicals... more

Rolling Wheel Deflectometer

The RWD is a nondestructive testing device that assesses pavement structural conditions while operating at normal highway speeds and without... more

Illinois Tollway

ARA’s pavement engineering, asset management, and research services support the Illinois Tollway’s efforts to provide high-quality transportation... more


The objective of this project is to develop a customized software tool that organizes the City of Vicksburg's key stakeholder information,... more

National Institute of Building Sciences & FEMA: HAZUS (Hazards-US)

ARA has worked with FEMA and the National Institute of Building Sciences since 1998 to develop the HAZUS hurricane wind loss estimation model. more

Vulnerability Assessment and Protection Option (VAPO)

VAPO is used to assess the vulnerability of a site by predicting explosive environments, structural damage, and human injury due to a terrorist... more

Hurricane Katrina Storm Surge and Wind Speed Estimates

ARA was asked by the Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) to generate estimates of wind speeds, storm surge heights, and wave heights. more

Security Assessments for NIH Facilities

The Facilities Services Project Management and Administration office of the University of Chicago engaged Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) to... more

Progressive Collapse Analysis & Design for Federal Office Buildings

The United States General Services Administration (GSA) sponsored the development of progressive collapse criteria for facilities under their control... more

BLU-118 Bomb Development

Responding to the need for improved capabilities to defeat enemies seeking refuge in tunnels in the early-days of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, ARA... more

ACRP 1-16: Asset and Infrastructure Management for Airports

ARA compiled a collection of best practices for airport asset management and developed a 10-step process for successful implementation. more

National Park Service Traffic Monitoring Services

To assure high quality of short-term and continuous traffic data used in generation of traffic statistics, ARA developed traffic data quality control... more

Demonstration of Ion Exchange Process to Remove Perchlorate from Water

ARA was tasked with engineering a perchlorate-selective, regenerable ion exchange process that would significantly reduce treatment cost. more

Breacher Injury Studies

ARA led the Quantico Breacher Injury Study, which investigated the biomechanics of blast exposure more

Field Intravenous Fluid Reconstitution (FIVR)

ARA developed and validated performance of a fully automated Field Intravenous Fluid Reconstitution (FIVR) system. more

Multi-cell & Dismounted Command and Control (M&DC2)

ARA leads the data collection and analysis efforts for the experiments with emphasis on real-time and post experiment data analysis and presentation... more

Cognitive Systems Engineering

ARA uses Cognitive Systems Engineering (CSE) methods to intensely study cognitive work as it is actually done in field settings to develop systems... more

HumanSim® Anesthesia

HumanSim® Anesthesia enables users to gain an understanding of physiology, pharmacology, and medicine. The software gives users insight into the... more


Pathfinder - ARA’s next generation route detection system is here and available now. more

Sentinel© Integrated Base Defense Security System

Sentinel© Integrated Base Defense Security System (IBDSS) is ARA's highly scalable integrated system for protection of large areas.

... more

HumanSim® Sedation and Airway

HumanSim: Sedation and Airway trains administering anesthesia in austere environments via Rapid Sequence Induction (RSI) and Moderate Sedation. more

3D Blast

3D Blast provides quick calculation and visualization of the loads on different building shapes for an open-air explosion of a bare hemispherical... more

Sustainable, Scalable Energy Technologies

Expertise and innovation that achieves real-world, energy-saving solutions for commercial and military applications. more

Advanced Biofuels and Renewable Chemicals

ARA has developed supercritical water-based cleanup and conversion technologies for over a decade. ARA’s fuels technologies solve critical... more

Perchlorate Treatment Solutions

Our patented perchlorate treatment solutions include biological, ion exchange, and chemical/physical treatment systems. more

Food and Water Safety

ARA offers innovative capabilities in the effort to maintain food and water safety. more

Inhalation and Respiratory Mechanics

ARA provides user-friendly software, effective tools, and advancements concerning inhalation and respiratory factors. more

Bioaerosols and Applied Microbiology

ARA’s bioaerosol and microbiology research is providing game changing solutions for government and industry. more

Cognitive Solutions

Our cognitive capabilities combined with our expertise in the physical sciences allow us to develop solutions that enhance the performance of... more

Risk Assessment and Management

ARA provides comprehensive risk assessment services and tools to maximize physical and electronic security, within the government and private... more

Innovative Training Solutions

Instructional design, interactive training programs, immersive learning simulations, serious games, and virtual worlds. more

Strategic Marketing and Creative Media

Strategic communications and creative electronic media to market ideas and convey messages efficiently and effectively to any audience. more

Modeling and Simulation

Tools for decision support and training for defense applications, the transportation community, medical and life sciences, and emergency... more

Injury Biomechanics and Protective Design

Our innovation and in-depth knowledge of physical, chemical, physiological, and biological processes make us leaders in solving complex health... more

Response and Planning Tools

ARA’s expertise in physiological and computational modeling, research, development, and design ensure human aspects of systems respond effectively... more

C4ISR Systems

C4ISR solutions for gathering, analyzing, and dispensing critical data and intelligence. more

Robotics and Unmanned Systems

ARA provides robotic and unammed systems solutions for the military, first responders, and a variety of commercial markets. more

Firefighting and Fire Protection Systems

We develop and test specialized technology required to meet new and evolving military and civilian firefighting needs throughout the world. more

Weapons Development, Testing, and Effects

From penetration and detonation underground, to air-blast, to a nuclear attack against U.S. satellites in space, ARA scientists and engineers... more

M-RAK Tele-Op Kit

Video of M-RAK Tele-Op Kit Overview
ARA M-RAK Tele-Op Overview more

Wingard LE

WINdow Glazing Analysis Response and Design (WINGARD) provides a simple and accurate analytical model of window response to the effects of an... more

Wingard PE

WINdow Glazing Analysis... more


A.T.-BLAST calculates blast loading parameters from an open-air hemispherical explosion based on distance from the device. The program allows the... more

M-RAK Platform Base Controller

The M-RAK Platform Base Controller is a low cost ROS and JAUS interface between the vehicle and tele-operated or autonomous control

... more

M-RAK Emergency Stop

The M-RAK Emergency Stop provides redundant safety at a distance

Video of M-RAK E-Stop Overview
M-RAK E-Stop Overview more

Defense Security Enterprise Architecture (DSEA)

The DSEA seeks to share security information across all security mission and functional areas to improve situational awareness and mitigate threats. more

HQ Army – Office of the Provost Marshal General

ARA supports the Army’s Physical Security Branch of the Office of the Provost Marshal General. more

OSD Analytical Services Group

The OSD Analytical Services Group supports the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Defense Programs. more

USNORTHCOM Project Support

ARA supports NORAD and USNORTHCOM J8 Science and Technology (S&T) with oversight of science, innovation and future capability initiatives in... more

3D BLAST Annual License Renewal

This purchase requires an existing installation of the 3DBLAST software. If you do not have an existing installation of 3DBLAST , you may purchase... more

NAVFAC Engineering Support for Capital Improvements Projects at USNA

ARA provides civil engineering support for NAVFAC’s capital improvements in-house design team around the USNA and Naval Support Activity Annapolis. more

3D BLAST Annual Support Renewal

This purchase requires an existing installation of the 3DBLAST software and a renewal license purchase. If you do not have an existing... more

Maritime Expeditionary & Transit Security – Technology Demonstration

ARA supports the PSEAG-sponsored Maritime Expeditionary and Transit Security – Concept Demonstration (METS-CD). more

Navy Analytical Support in DUSN(P) Security Directorate

The Analytical Support team provides daily analytical support on-site in the DUSN(P) Security Directorate assisting the Naval Security Enterprise... more

Defense Security CBRN Information Sharing

The Defense Security CBRN Information Sharing effort is an initiative to improve CWMD interdiction and elimination and situational awareness. more

WINGARD LE Annual License Renewal

This purchase requires an existing installation of the WINGARD LE software. If you do not have an existing installation of WINGARD LE , you may... more

Geotechnical & Structures

ARA offers technologies and services to address several critical geotechnical and structures concerns. more

Crashworthiness Analysis

Physics-based computer modeling and simulation has been a core ARA competency since the company was founded in 1979. more

Infrastructure Software Solutions

ARA’s software developers provide innovative computing solutions to complex infrastructure design, analysis, and information management challenges... more

SonoWeb: Particle and Aerosol Concentrator/Sampler

The SonoWeb utilizes acoustics to manipulate particles and aerosols to provide concentration of 0.3–5.0 micron particles for enhanced detection of... more

Transportation Policy & Planning

ARA researchers are practitioners first, recognizing that innovation does not happen without in-depth understanding of application. more

Railroad Services

ARA enhances railroad and transit safety and performance through the application of innovative R&D, engineering, and technology deployment... more

Department of Defense Infrastructure

ARA has supported defense-related infrastructure activities for over 35 years. more

Aviation R&D and Technology Deployment

ARA is well versed in helping the FAA, airports, and other aviation agencies conduct critical R&D and deploy innovative technologies. more

WINGARD PE Annual License Renewal

This purchase requires an... more

BioGears Human Physiology Engine

BioGears is an open source, comprehensive, extensible human physiology engine released under the Apache 2.0 license that will drive medical education... more

Assimilation of Sources for Cohesive ENvironment Description (ASCEND)

ASCEND provides technologies to streamline the source-to-solder pipeline of synthetic environmental data. The purpose: to enhance the modern soldier’... more

Combat Medic 3D Virtual Trainer

The Combat Medic 3D virtual trainer addresses treatment of the top three injuries associated with preventable deaths on the modern battlefield:... more

WINGARD LE Annual Support Renewal

This purchase requires an existing installation of the WINGARD LE software and a renewal license purchase. If you do not have an existing... more

WINGARD PE Annual Support Renewal

This purchase requires an existing installation of the WINGARD PE software and a renewal license purchase. If you do not have an existing... more

DTRA’s IMEA/UTAS predicts weapons effects and WMD target response.

IMEA/UTAS supports the joint targeting cycle to plan attacks that hold WMD targets at risk, including hardened and deeply buried targets. more

EMREP: Prediction of system response to electromagnetic environments

The EMREP software provides users with a test-based electromagnetic (EM) predictive capability for hostile EM effects on a wide range of system types. more

Nuclear Capabilities Services (NuCS)

NuCS provides a modeling and simulation framework for verified and validated nuclear effects. SAM delivers nuclear effects applications and models... more

Unmanned Fused Inferred Targeting (UFIT)

A framework for underwater localization using all-source data. more

Rapid Unified Generation of Urban Databases (RUGUD)

RUGUD generates correlated terrain databases from real-world Geographic Information System (GIS) data. Convert elevation, satellite imagery, and... more

Disaster Management Plan Review for the Library of Congress

ARA assisted the Library of Congress with a review of its Disaster Management Plan and a comparison of the plan with similar organizations. more

Security Support Services for the Social Security Administration

ARA assisted the Social Security Administration (SSA) with subject matter expertise in physical and electronic security and risk management. more

Explosive Testing

Since the company’s founding in 1979, ARA has performed thousands of large-scale arena explosive tests for government agencies and commercial clients. more

Blast & Security Consulting for the Federal Aviation Administration

ARA has a rich history in supporting the FAA, spanning back protective design support following the terrorist downing of Pan Am Flight 103. more

Ballistics Research of Common Building Materials

ARA is researching the impact of ballistic threats on common building materials to understand and potentially mitigate injuries from active shooters. more

Blast Effects, Protective Design, and Physical & Electronic Security

ARA's internationally recognized engineers and security experts, along with our explosive testing capabilities, allow us to solve our clients... more

Disaster Management Planning for the Smithsonian Institution

ARA developed a disaster management program to support the Smithsonian Institution and its 400 facilities worldwide. more

Window Vulnerability Analysis for Federal Buildings

ARA evaluates the response of window systems in buildings for design basis blast loads and works with clients to develop blast mitigation solutions. more

De-escalation Training for the Social Security Administration (SSA)

ARA developed a customized de-escalation training program for SSA front line employees who engage the public on a daily basis. more

Progressive Collapse Analysis for the General Services Administration

The US General Services Administration (GSA) developed a comprehensive program toward protecting visitors and personnel working in GSA facilities. A... more

GSA Technology Transfer Website

ARA created a technology transfer website to help manage the U.S. General Services Administration’s Building Security Technology Program. more

Anti-terrorism and Force Protection Design

ARA works closely with clients to develop resiliant, practical, and cost-effective designs to protect against terrorist attack and extreme events. more

TIC/TIM Assessments of U.S. Air Force Bases

ARA performed Toxic Industrial Chemical/Toxic Industrial Material assessments of 2 Air Force Bases in the Washington, DC area. more

Blast & Security Consulting for Airports & Port Authorities

ARA has provided blast and security consulting services for airports and port facilities since the mid-1990s. more

Vehicle Barrier Analysis & Design

ARA developed a custom operable barrier design for the U.S. Tax Court Building through finite element analysis and comparison with test data. more

Energy Saving Control Unit (ESCU)

ESCUs interface with legacy Environmental Control Units to reduce their energy consumption while maintaining required safety and comfort levels. more

Security Risk Assessments of USDA ARS Facilities

ARA performed security risk assessments of U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) facilities in Mid-South Region. more

Disaster Management Training for the Smithsonian Institution (SI)

ARA trained SI staff to develop disaster management plans for SI facilities using a customized disaster management tool (DM-Planner) developed by ARA. more

Electronic Security Design for the Washington Headquarters Service

ARA assisted the U.S. DoD Washington Headquarters Service (WHS) to oversee the electronic security design during construction of the Mark Center. more


The Biofuels ISOCONVERSION (BIC) process converts any renewable fat, oil, and grease feedstock into high yields of 100% drop-in, pure hydrocarbon... more

Security Engineering Risk Assessment of IBM India Facilities

ARA performed a security engineering risk assessment of IBM facilities in Bangalore, India to evaluate and improve the campus security posture. more


ReadiDiesel contains the same molecules, meets the same specifications, and has the same performance as petroleum diesel, all while reducing... more


ReadiJet contains the same molecules and has the same performance as petroleum jet fuel, all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It meets Jet... more


The Biofuels ISOCONVERSION process converts any fat, oil, or grease into high-density aromatic, cycloparaffin, paraffin and isoparaffin... more

Computerized Event Simulation Modeling for Egress/Ingress using E-Sim

E-Sim is an agent-based simulator which models pedestrian dynamics with basic cognition. The software provides event-optimization diagnostics &... more

Security Support Services for the Smithsonian Institution

ARA assisted the Smithsonian Institution Office of Protection Services with a wide variety of security services over the years. more

Security Risk Assessments of FAA Regional Offices

ARA performed risk assessments of FAA Regional Offices using the Interagency Security Committee Risk Management Process for Federal Facilities. more

Security Risk Assessment of NMAAHC Prior to Design and Construction

ARA conducted a security risk assessment for the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC). more

Security Risk Management Training for Office of Personnel Management

ARA trained OPM staff to perform a security risk assessment using an OPM customized risk assessment methodology and assessment tool developed by ARA. more

Social Security Administration (SSA) Nation-wide Security Review

ARA performed a nation-wide security review of SSA facilities and operations. more

2.65-M Modular Aeroshell Production

For NASA's Langley Research Center, ARA's Ablatives Laboratory (ABL) produced a large heatshield/aeroshell that incorporates new... more

Heatshield / Aeroshell Solar Tower Testing

Under NASA sponsorship, the ARA Ablatives Laboratory has been conducting advanced ablator tests in the Sandia Solar Tower Facility since 2003. more

Heatshield Block Ablator Architecture

Heatshield Block Ablator Architecture more

Capital Area Materials Measurement Laboratory

ARA’s analytical chemistry laboratory performs CBRNE detection R&D including analysis of species in dirty matrices and the development of... more

Thermal Protection Technology, Engineering, and Manufacturing

ARA’s Ablatives Laboratory is a NASA-dedicated facility focused on technology advancements for thermal protection systems (TPS) such as planetary... more

Cooperative Communication System for a Burn Intensive Care Unit

ARA developed a real-time decision support and team communications IT system to improve intensive care unit clinical team efficiency and safety. more

Improve Threat Detection by U.S. Army Soldiers on Patrol

ARA assessed and validated threat detection measures, identified expert mental models, and created training to improve threat detection performance. more

Active Cooling Thermally Induced Vapor-Polymerization Effect (ACTIVE)

ACTIVE provides effective dry-cooling for powerplants, even during hot weather, using a simple plant arrangement with low maintenance requirements. more

Tested Energy Efficiency Technology Hybrid-ECU (TEETH)

Tested Energy Efficiency Technology Hybrid-ECU (TEETH) uses phase change material technology to reduce peak environmental control unit loads. more

Air Force Global Strike Command’s (AFGSC) Support

ARA supports Air Force Global Strike Command’s (AFGSC) requirements development for next-generation weapon system restoration and modernization and... more

Multiple-Path Particle Dosimetry Model (MPPD v 2.11)

The MPPD model is a computational model that can be used for estimating human and rat airway particle dosimetry. The model is applicable to risk... more

Lading Effects on Tank Car Impact Response

The analyses performed to evaluate the effects of the lading on the impact and puncture behavior of tank cars. more


The SenseDefense™ line of acoustic protectors is the most comprehensive line of hearing protection products designed for first responders and... more

LTPP Data Analysis Task Order 13

ARA evaluated the vehicle classification scheme used in the LTPP program and compared it with schemes being used by various states highway agencies. more

ACRP 04-08: Improved Models for Risk Assessment of Runway Safety Areas

ARA led the research to improve and validate models and to develop software for analyzing runway safety areas (RSAs). more

Strategic Communication Plans

Our team of professional communicators researches and creates successful marketing and communication plans for many of our clients, including the... more

Brand Identity

We have designed engaging, award-winning logos and other brand identity materials for many clients across several industries. more

Graphic Design & Marketing Collaterals

Our team of graphic designers and professional marketers create beautiful, effective marketing collaterals for use at conferences, presentations,... more

Web/Mobile Design

Our graphic artist and web design team develops website and mobile app designs for our clients, including the Federal Highway Administration and... more

Social Media Management

Our team’s expertise includes social media outreach and management, including: creating social media sites, developing written and video content... more

Digital Marketing & Analytics

We manage digital publishing and email campaigns for our clients, then measure the results for success using the latest analytics tools. more

Video Production & 3D Animation

We create award-winning video and 3D animation products for our clients, including the Federal Highway Administration and the United States Air... more

Instructional Technologies & Products

ARA has developed more than 300 training courses for both private sector and government clients, including the Departments of Defense,... more

Halyard Health Video

How do you visually portray something you cannot see with the naked eye? Halyard Health asked us to produce a video highlighting a scientific study... more

Blast Exposure and Injury Correlation Using Blast Sensor Data

ARA has made significant advances in understanding blast exposure levels on personnel at risk of traumatic brain injury (TBI). more

Synthesis of Asset Management Best Practices for Canada

ARA led a study to synthesize transportation asset management practices in Canada. more

Airfield Construction QA Services for the U.S. Air Force

Since 2005, ARA has been the Air Force’s leading provider of airfield construction quality assurance services in the United States. more

PaVision® Automated Pavement Condition Assessment System

ARA developed the portable, easy-to-use PaVision® system to provide a low-cost, automated technology for assessing pavement conditions. more

Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG)

In response to the industry’s need for a more robust pavement design and analysis methodology, ARA developed the MEPDG under NCHRP Project 1-37A. more

ACRP 04-05: A Guidebook for Airport Safety Management Systems

ARA led the development of the guidebook for implementing airport safety management systems in the United States. more

Pavement Health Track (PHT) Analysis Tool

In support of the FHWA Office of Asset Management, ARA was a member of the team that developed the PHT technology and software. more

California High-Speed Rail Geotechnical Review and Risk Management

ARA is helping to oversee the geotechnical and structural elements of the California High-Speed Rail project. more

Pavement Condition Surveys & Pavement Management for the US Air Force

Since 1999, ARA has been the Air Force’s leading provider of Pavement Condition Index (PCI) surveys and PAVER pavement management services worldwide. more

AirView Interactive GIS Pavement Management Application

AirView allows users to publish MicroPAVER and other pavement management data overlaid on aerial imagery from Google Earth. more

Strategic Analytical Services

ARA provides strategic planning, analytical, and functional expertise to a variety of Department of Defense clients in key organizations and... more

Multiple-Path Particle Dosimetry Model (MPPD v 3.04)

The MPPD model is a computational model that can be used for estimating human and laboratory animal inhalation particle dosimetry. The model is... more

FHWA Innovation Deployment

Since 2006, ARA has been the FHWA’s leading support contractor for deploying technology and innovation to the highway community. more

FAA Human Factors Laboratory Technical Support

ARA provided technical support to the FAA Human Factors Laboratory for system and facility design, development, and human-machine interface... more

Data-Driven Safety Analysis Campaign

We were asked by the Federal Highway Administration to create a marketing plan and materials for a campaign promoting Data-Driven Safety Analysis (... more

Tyndall Air Force Base Directory App

Tyndall Air Force Base asked us to convert their traditional phone directories to a modern phone app. more

FHWA Turner-Fairbank Research Facility Promo Video

We created this award-winning video to promote the FHWA Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center. more

Technical Writing

Our experienced technical writers and graphic designers have produced dozens of engaging publications for our clients for delivery to an array of... more

Air Force "Be Ready" App

We built a mobile app for the Air Force Civil Engineer Center's "Be Ready" campaign that organizes disaster preparedness information,... more

FHWA Innovator Newsletter

We design, edit, and publish this bi-monthly digital newsletter for the Federal Highway Administration's Center for Accelerating Innovation. It... more

Air Force "Be Ready" Video Series

As part of its national "Be Ready" safety preparedness campaign, the Air Force Civil Engineer Center asked us to produce a series of... more

Air Force "Be Ready" Campaign

We created campaign materials, including a mobile app, for the Air Force Civil Engineer Center's national "Be Ready" disaster... more

Energy-Efficient Expeditionary Flooring (EEEF)

EEEF is a lightweight, modular, insulated, rigid, tool-less flooring system that reduces energy consumption and improves comfort in deployed shelters. more

SMART Energy-Efficient Deployable Shelter (SEEDS)

SEEDS is an improved shelter envelope that can reduce energy use on forward operating bases. more

Geotechnical Solutions

Vertek, a division of ARA, is the world leader in Cone Penetrometer Testing (CPT) manufacturing, sales, and support of advanced in-situ soil... more

Software Application and Technology Development

Our engineers and developers have experience providing users with 3D graphics/visualization, database design & development, web-based... more

Human Injury Treatment (HIT)

Human Injury Treatment (HIT) is a computer modeling tool for predicting human injury, incapacitation, medical response requirements, and patient... more

Pavement Testing Services

ARA offers a comprehensive suite of pavement testing and evaluation services for both highways and airfields. more

FAA Airport Technology R&D Technical Support

ARA supports the FAA’s Airport Technology R&D Branch and its work to enhance the safety and performance of our nation’s airports. more

Sensors, Instrumentation, & Test Services

ARA has been designing and utilizing our own custom instrumentation since our founding over two decades ago. In that time, we’ve also build and... more

Custom Isothermal Sorption Machine

This custom instrumentation system was built for Weatherford Laboratories to perform gas sorption measurements for the oil and gas services industry. more

U.S. Air Force Utilities GIS—Linear Segmentation

ARA leads the team supporting linear segmentation of Air Force utility systems. more

LifeNet SoftWall Barrier Analysis

The LifeNet SoftWall barrier is a new barrier concept that provides a soft catch response of a vehicle that drives into the median strip. The barrier... more

Airfield Pavement Management

ARA supports commercial, general aviation, and military airports worldwide with innovative pavement management services and technologies. more

Rail Crashworthiness Analysis

ARA’s expertise in rail crashworthiness extends from accident reconstruction to design of crash energy management structures. more

Systems Engineering

Our engineers and scientists are well-versed in offering tangible prototypes that can be deployed and used to save lives in tactical situations... more

Simulation Toolset for the Analysis of Mission Personnel and Systems

Simulation Toolset for Analysis of Mission, Personnel and Systems (STAMPS) program software suite is a collection of software widgets that users can... more

Delamination Damage to Composite Materials Caused by Radiant Heating

Three aerospace composite materials with quasi-isotropic layup were evaluated for delamination damage caused by radiant heating. more

Firefighter Forcible Entry Tutorial

ARA, LSU, and GSA worked together to develop an online tutorial for firefighters to aid them in identifying special windows and the tools to use... more

Non-Pyrotechnic Diversionary Device (NPDD)

The NPDD is a non-pyrotechnic, reusable, flash-bang/concussive force diversionary device for use in any environment. more

Dynamic Component Modeling Software (DCMS)

Dynamic Component Modeling Software... more


Blast Load Assessment Sense and Test (BLAST) is a portable, three part system that is able to measure blast pressure, establish injury thresholds for... more

DCMS Annual License Renewal

This purchase requires an existing... more

DCMS Annual Support Renewal

This purchase requires an existing installation of the DCMS software and a renewal license purchase. If you do not have an existing installation... more

Moonbase Alpha

Moonbase Alpha is a video game for teaching science and technology in an exciting, interactive way. Players assume the role of astronauts trying... more

Zero Hour: America's Medic

Zero Hour: America’s Medic is a first-person, Unreal Engine-based video game designed to train and exercise first responders to respond to mass... more

Mission Biotech

Mission Biotech is a 3D educational game that encourages middle and high-school students to investigate careers in biotechnology. Funded by the... more

Infrastructure Risk Management

ARA provides engineering-related risk management services to improve infrastructure project and program delivery, and to help achieve enterprise... more

Risk Management Services

ARA provides engineering-related risk management services to improve infrastructure project and program delivery, and to help achieve enterprise... more

E-Learning Website for Human Systems Integration

ARA developed an interactive web site to enable understanding of human systems integration (HSI) issues such as attention and distraction for two... more

Heuristica Serious Games

Heuristica, a serious game, trains participants to improve their critical thinking and decision making by reducing cognitive biases. more

Human Factors Support for Redesign of a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

ARA performed a human factors evaluation of design of a new physical workspace for the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center (CCHMC) and... more

Improving TSA Screening Performance via Cognitive Systems Engineering

ARA studied airline passenger screening human factors, organizational design, job design, and training to improve Security Officer performance. The... more

Computational Electromagnetics & Fluid Dynamics

When faced with the challenge to solve complex computing issues in the most efficient manner possible, U.S. government agencies turn to ARA’s... more

Communication User’s Predictive Product (CUPP)

Communication User's Predictive Product (CUPP) was developed to support the need for high fidelity communication analysis quickly more


Using SHAMRC, ARA can model microscopic mobile thermometers allowing us to estimate temperatures from explosive detonations at locations where... more

Explosive Breacher Modeling

Injury to breachers due to air blast exposure during actual and training events can be significant. ARA has developed a capability to model these... more

Air Blast Exposure and Injury

Injury to personnel due to air blast exposure during training events can be significant. ARA has developed a capability to model these events using... more

Antenna and Radome Design, Testing, and Manufacturing

ARA designs, manufactures, and tests a wide variety of antennas, broadband arrays, and frequency selective surface (FSS) radomes used in military... more

Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)

Strong system engineering experience is the basis for the recent growth in the DEW business area. ARA has supported the technology assessment and... more

Electronic Materials Research and Applications

ARA is at the forefront of advanced material research that helps improve the capabilities of devices, systems and sensors used in aircraft, ships... more

RF Technologies

ARA offers broad expertise in radio frequency (RF) technologies, including hardware design and fabrication and software programming. more

Laboratory Management Services

ARA provides comprehensive contract lab management services. more

Tornado Missile Impact Analysis of Nuclear Power Plant Structures

High-fidelity computational models of high frequency missiles and critical structures were developed to assess power plant safety. more

Sensor Technologies, Effects, and Applied Modeling

CWMD Modeling and Simulation provides tools for military and law enforcement personnel to make better decisions of how, when, and where to deploy... more

Electromagnetics and RF Training

ARA is securing the future of the fields of electromagnetics and radio frequency design and analysis, striving to ensure the United States maintains... more

Matrix Solvers Enable Real-World Radar Signature Predictions

ARA's matrix-solve technologies enable first-principle or full-wave radar cross section (RCS) characterization using computer simulation at... more

ARA Develops 1st Consensus Standard for UV Surface Decontamination

The use of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) devices for killing/inactivating microorganisms on surfaces is becoming increasingly common. ARA... more

Decision Support Software Training

ARA provides user-level software training for a suite of CBRNE Decision Support software tools in support of military, government employees, and... more

Best Practices for Organizational Resilience in the ISS Program

ARA studied Johnson Space Center (JSC) practices to determine causes leading to two near-fatal extra-vehicular activity (spacewalks): ISS... more

Environmental and Ship Motion Forecasting

ARA collaborated with two industry teams to develop the Environmental and Ship Motion Forecasting (ESMF) system. The system is designed to synthesize... more

Technical Reachback Support

ARA provides 24/7/365 CBRNE analysis and decision support for the warfighter and federal, state, and local officials. more


Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) continues to offer the successful Webinar Wednesday series of complimentary interactive webinars. ARA... more

Fundamentals of Low Observable Technologies - Short Course WEBINAR!

9-11 September 2020 – Sign up today for this 2.5 day live webinar course!

COVID19 has you down? – Here’s some on-line professional... more

WINGARD PE Basic Online Training

In connection with the purchase the of WINGARD PE software tool and a desire to better understand the use, capabilities, assumptions, and... more

DCMS Basic Online Training

In connection with the purchase of the DCMS software tool and a desire to better understand the use, capabilities, assumptions, and technical... more

Additional Online Training Certificates

Users may purchase an additional certificate for completion of the Blast Software Online Training. After completion of the training, email ​... more

Utility Cut Management Services

ARA’s methodology can be used to assist cities in implementing an effective utility cut management program, training staff, and helping eliminate... more

ARA Expeditionary Warfare Consortium

The ARA Expeditionary Warfare Consortium has been established to develop innovative products, prototypes, and solutions to meet the expeditionary... more

Image Quality Predictions for Space ISR

The quality of satellite imagery is influenced by system design and operation parameters. We developed tools to quantify image-quality for Space ISR. more

Intelligence Support

ARA leverages novel Intel solutions and expertise in scalable web- and cloud-based enterprise systems, artificial intelligence and machine... more

Scalable Enterprise Systems (Web- and Cloud-Based)

In today’s world, scalable systems are essential for organizations to securely and rapidly access and deliver sensitive information to partners... more

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Critical and complex decisions in high risk, high value situations are often not amenable to off-the-shelf AI/ML techniques. ARA’s multi-disciplinary... more

Data Analytics and Knowledge Bases

Large amounts of data are only useful when an analyst has the right tools and techniques to quickly and securely process it into actionable... more


HurLoss™ is ARA’s state-of-the-art hurricane catastrophe model for property insurers, reinsurers and brokers. Insurers rely on HurLoss for... more

ARC4 Recon

ARC4: Augmented Reality Command Control Communicate and Coordinate

ARC4 RECON is advanced augmented reality (AR) technology... more

Hydrothermal Cleanup Renewable Diesel Pretreatment

Water. Temperature. Pressure. Turbulent Flow.

... more

Hydrothermal Cleanup Fat Splitting Technology

Water. Temperature. Pressure. Turbulent Flow.

Hydrothermal Cleanup (HCU), US Patent 10,071,322 B2, is ARA’s novel and patented... more

De-escalation Training

How do de-escalation techniques work?

De-escalation is a method of using your verbal and nonverbal actions to reduce a person’s... more

ARA Research to Mitigate a Shortage of Respiratory Protection Devices

ARA has completed a Study for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), where we developed and evaluated methods for decontamination and reuse of... more


StrikeRing™ bears all the hallmarks of traditional ARA projects: Best-in-... more