Synthesis of Asset Management Best Practices for Canada

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Canada ranks 7th in the world in terms of road network size but 37th in population, with a tax base of 35 million people to support this infrastructure. Additionally, unlike many countries, Canada does not have a central federal authority responsible for road infrastructure. Thus, the responsibility for maintaining transportation infrastructure largely falls on provincial, territorial, and municipal governments. These dynamics, in combination with an aging roadway infrastructure, makes it imperative for Canadian transportation agencies to exercise great stewardship with their transportation funding and to utilize and share best practices in transportation asset management.


The ARA study team worked closely with several Canadian agencies to acquire data on current asset management practices, and we used the information to develop a synthesis of asset management best practices for Canada. Additionally, the study team compared the documented Canadian practices to both international asset management practices and the ISO 55000 asset management guidelines.

The synthesis is based on information obtained by an extensive national and international literature review, a targeted survey of 25 transportation agencies across Canada, follow-up telephone and face-to-face interviews, and interviews and discussions with asset management experts including technical staff representing private sector, municipal, provincial, and federal agencies and not-for-profit industry groups across Canada.

The synthesis summarizes best agency practices and lessons learned from the development of transportation asset management systems. The report is organized according to the ISO 55000 asset management standard and follows the ISO 55000 asset management system elements.


This study completed under the umbrella of the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) will allow agencies to identify asset management best practices that can enhance their state of readiness in comparison with the ISO 55000 international standard for asset management.

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