Support of AFRL/MNMF Fuzing Program

Fuzing Program


AFRL/MNMF required a fuzing program that would improve the Air Force's Hard Target Fuzing through the development of a new instrumentation technique. ARA was called upon to support and provide resources for this project.


ARA used high fidelity, physics-based modeling and simulation methods to perform weapons effectiveness evaluations, to engineer these solutions, and to optimize effectiveness considering all system requirements.


ARA’s work resulted in the development and improvement of Penetration Fuze programs. ARA helped enhance the Air Force's position in Hard Target Fuzing through the development of a novel instrumentation technique, and through evaluation of the weapon environment during hard target penetration.

Test and Evaluation

Weapons Development, Testing, and Effects

From penetration and detonation underground, to air-blast, to a nuclear attack against U.S. satellites in space, ARA scientists and engineers... more