Scalable Enterprise Systems (Web- and Cloud-Based)

Scalable Enterprise Systems


In today’s world, scalable systems are essential for organizations to securely and rapidly access and deliver sensitive information to partners around the globe in order to respond to critical events in real time.


Secure Cloud Computing

  • ARA delivers high availability, secure cloud solutions to distributed users who need reliable, stable access to cloud computing resources.
  • We have experience implementing solutions with thick client, thin client, and zero client access into the cloud.
  • Our cloud security experts have successfully created Risk Management Framework (RMF) packages for cloud platforms with automated security compliance and continuous monitoring.
  • ARA implements secure cloud platforms that alert users of software vulnerabilities and provide automated patching.

Cloud-Based DevOps

  • We are experts at configuring and deploying Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CI/CD) pipelines for rapid build/test/deployment of components within the cloud.
  • Our team of DevOps Engineers has extensive experience building and deploying containers to Kubernetes and RedHat OpenShift.
  • Web-Enabled GIS and 3D Visualization
  • ARA’s advanced algorithms for machine assistance rapidly discover new information and insights for intelligence analysts and warfighters through big data analytics.
  • Our expertise provides capability and data access to a wider audience through standardized interfaces and web-enabled 3D visualization.Cloud computing


ARA’s experienced DevOps engineers, cloud security engineers, and software engineers will help architect and implement secure cloud solutions to address your most challenging problems.

Intelligence Support

Intelligence Support

ARA leverages novel Intel solutions and expertise in scalable web- and cloud-based enterprise systems, artificial intelligence and machine... more