Progressive Collapse Analysis for the General Services Administration

Progressive Collapse Analysis


The General Service Administration (GSA) embarked on a program to evaluate the facilities in its inventory for progressive collapse potential and, when appropriate, to provide upgrades to reduce the potential for progressive collapse. ARA was tasked to evaluate numerous buildings in the GSA's inventory.

For this project, the primary objective is the evaluation of potential for progressive collapse. This objective must be reached by using a threat-independent methodology, since the onset of progressive collapse may be triggered by a variety of events, not just an intentional bombing of the facility. The highest goal of this effort is to reduce the risk to government employees and visitors to government facilities. A secondary goal is to reduce the damage to and loss of government property and facilities.


ARA conducted site visits of many different facilities selected by the GSA to perform a progressive collapse assessment report.

ARA assessed the potential for progressive collapse in GSA facilities and evaluate risk reduction measures, if possible, to reduce the potential of progressive collapse in a manner consistent with the “Progressive Collapse Analysis and Design Guidelines for New Federal Office Buildings and Major Modernization Projects,” June 2003.

ARA delivered draft a report for the program manager to review and submit comments.

ARA delivered the final report addressing comments.

ARA then uploaded the report to the GSA Library.


These analyses address the need to protect human life and prevent injury as well as the protection of Federal buildings, functions and assets.

Progressive Collapse Analysis

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