Pavement Condition Surveys & Pavement Management for the US Air Force

Technician recording pavement condition data


The Air Force Pavement Evaluation Program obtains, compiles, and reports pavement strength, condition, and performance data, including data on structural, friction, roughness, and anchor capability on all airfields with present or potential Air Force missions. Accurate pavement condition data are vital to this program, providing Air Force civil engineers the information they need to actively manage base and airfield pavement systems, as well as providing operators the information they need to manage and control the airfield.


Since 1999, ARA has been the Air Force’s leading provider of PCI surveys worldwide. ARA conducts pavement evaluations at 6 to 10 Air Force bases per year, and the Air Force uses the results of these evaluations to proactively maintain and rehabilitate its airfields and associated roadways to sustain readiness and meet ever-changing demands.

Typically, each base has between 5 and 20 million square feet of airside pavement (about the equivalent of a mid- to large-size commercial airport), dozens of miles of roadway, and several million square feet of vehicle parking areas. ARA inspection crews perform PCI surveys on each airfield feature (runway, taxiway, and ramp), roadway, and parking lot according to ASTM and US Air Force standards, and we update the detailed construction history provided by the Air Force. ARA then enters the collected inventory and condition data into the MicroPAVER pavement management software, conducts a series of MicroPAVER analyses, and generates a pavement maintenance and rehabilitation plan for the base.

The primary deliverable that ARA provides the Air Force is a comprehensive written report that includes the pavement maintenance management system results. Each report provides detailed results for PCI, foreign object debris (FOD), friction, and Aircraft Classification Number/Pavement Classification Number (ACN/PCN) evaluations, which are combined into an overall engineering assessment rating. In addition, the financial implications of several budget scenarios are presented using supplemental software that accepts the output from the MicroPAVER maintenance and rehabilitation plan.


ARA personnel were members of the team that developed and deployed the widely acclaimed PCI procedures. Utilizing our PCI expertise and our experience in implementing the MicroPAVER pavement management system, we have helped the US Air Force assess the condition of airfield, roadway, and parking lot pavements at over 100 CONUS and OCONUS air bases worldwide. We have refined the process so that the data are collected safely, efficiently, and accurately in even the busiest of airfield environments.

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