Navy Analytical Support in DUSN(P) Security Directorate

Harbor Security Boats. Photo USNA Aerial Shot. Photo: Courtesy of Official U.S. Navy


To achieve its mission, Department of the Navy requires effective security policy that is integrated across the enterprise, has high levels of compliance, stays up-to-date with current and cutting-edge technology, and receives the proper resources.


The Analytical Support team provides daily analytical support on-site in the Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy for Policy (DUSN(P)) Security Directorate assisting the Naval Security Enterprise Support Branch and the Physical Security Branch. 

Our team provides strategic-level analyses of the Department of the Navy’s (DON’s) physical security requirements including system feasibility studies, documentation reviews, and compliance and requirement analysis.  We generate policy documents, briefs, reports and information papers for senior level leadership. We also provide recommendations and draft responses to DoD, congressional, and interagency stakeholders, as well as senior leadership.

We provide technical expertise for studies, evaluations of technologies, and development and review of Physical Security Enterprise & Analysis Group (PSEAG) programs and technologies. 

In so doing, our team serves as a direct technical liaison with other government centers, laboratories, and agencies; contractors; and universities and advocates for DON resourcing of the DON Security Enterprise and promotes cross-functional and enterprise-wide security integration.  We also assist in supporting and facilitating Integrated Product Teams, working groups, and other associated meetings.


Our team provides the daily analytical and strategic support necessary to ensure that the Department of the Navy’s security policy is feasible, effective, and functional so that the Navy can achieve its mission. 


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