National Institute of Building Sciences & FEMA: HAZUS (Hazards-US)



HAZUS-MH is FEMA’s nationally-applicable, multi-hazard damage and loss estimation tool. Emergency managers and other government officials use HAZUS-MH for planning, response, and mitigation analyses.


ARA developed the HAZUS-MH as a geographical information system that includes extensive databases of populations and the built environment in the United States.

The HAZUS-MH hurricane model predicts physical damage, social losses, and economic losses due to hurricane winds. ARA programmed HAZUS-MH to:

  • model storm surges
  • develop rapid loss estimates
  • forecast uncertainties
  • improve report findings
  • account for the effects of storm duration
  • model island territories hurricane wind fields, tree blow downs
  • present mitigation options for additional building types
  • support software build development
  • provide technical support


HAZUS was used extensively during the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons at the federal, regional, state and local levels to estimate damages, loss, debris and post-storm public shelter requirements. The third release of HAZUS debuted in 2006.


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