Multi-cell & Dismounted Command and Control (M&DC2)

Multi-cell Dismounted Command


The M&DC2 program is a joint project between DARPA and the Army that focuses on a "net-centric" battle command system of the future. M&DC2 was designed to model multi-echelon, knowledge-based, combined arms command and control.

Each development spiral culminates with an experimental investigation to objectively measure the effectiveness of integrated battle command functions.

ARA leads the data collection and analysis efforts for the experiments with emphasis on real-time and post experiment data analysis and presentation tools; observers and military analysts are informed of the experimental progress measured against quantitative measures / metrics and qualitative human factors.


A prime example of an ARA real-time analysis tool is the Data Analysis Real Time System (DARTS). DARTS provides real-time summation and trend information to analysts in a series of quad charts: key event indicators, movement, attrition, fires, and detections.

Post-experiment products (e.g., the Sensor Coverage Tool) provide a visual display of both the extent and quality of the commanders use of intelligence sensors.

The primary focus is on the use of differing sensor packages and the resulting aggregate picture generated from the sensed data. ARA has also devised a valuable method for analyzing aspects of situational awareness (SA). Produced within minutes after a run, the pictures the SA Tool provides show the difference between ground truth and the commanders effectiveness in gaining knowledge of the enemy.

Additional information on M&DC2 is available from DARPA and the US Army.

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