Illinois Tollway

Illinois Tollway


The Illinois Tollway is dedicated to providing and promoting a safe and efficient system of highways while ensuring the highest possible level of service to roadway users. To continue to be a leading-edge service provider, the Tollway requires state-of-the-practice data, systems, and research on pavement materials, asset management, sustainability, and other related topics.


ARA has served the Tollway since 1999. We have a detailed understanding of the Tollway’s operational decision-making needs, and we have a history of successfully helping the Tollway develop, implement, and enhance the following key elements of its overall operation:

  • Pavement management system, including digital data collection, network structural condition, surface friction, and noise
  • Roadmap for communicating the Tollway’s plans for the next 50-years of roadway improvements
  • Sign management system
  • Pavement marking management system
  • Maintenance quality assurance program that scores the performance of the Tollway’s maintenance activities
  • Sustainability rating system and life cycle assessment tools that provide an industry-leading framework for rating environmental stewardship, one of the key elements of the Move Illinois program
  • Pavement design and pavement type selection procedures and standards, bringing innovative, long-life solutions to the Tollway
  • I-MIRS, the Tollway’s web-based materials quality control database

In addition, ARA provides on-site materials engineering support and materials engineering expertise focused on service and innovation. We also participate in many of the Tollway’s research efforts, overseeing universities and consultants and executing a research program that yields quick and implementable solutions.


Using the technologies, information, and decision-making tools derived from the activities listed above, ARA has helped the Tollway plan, program, and execute approximately $20 billion of roadway improvements that will safely and cost-efficiently accommodate Chicagoland traffic demands well into the 21st century.

Asset Management

Transportation Asset Management

Pavement and asset management, vehicle-based data collection, life cycle cost analysis, and construction and maintenance quality assurance systems... more