GSA Technology Transfer Website

GSA Building Security Technology Website


The US General Services Administration (GSA) required assistance to manage, analyze and store the hundreds assessment reports developed for GSA’s buildings, as well as archiving and dissemination of documents and other information vital to the Building Security Technology Program.


ARA created a custom electronic library (e-Library) and data management system for the U.S. General Services Administration for management of the large quantity of engineering reports developed under the GSA’s Building Security Technology Program. This secure access library allows national and regional project managers to retrieve assessment results, reports and cost estimates for their facilities. Window vulnerability, progressive collapse, ISC compliance and other assessments are available to authorized users, as well as, other standards and criteria.

This secure access library and website contained:

  • Easy access & central location for Region and National Program Managers
    • Blast Mitigation Reports                                         
    • Progressive Collapse Reports
    • ISC Compliance Reports
    • Special Assessments & Reports
  • Standards & Criteria
    • GSA’s Design Criteria
    •  GSA’s Testing Standard
    •  GSA’s Progressive Collapse Guidance
    •  ISC Security Design Criteria
    •  PBS Facility Standards
    •  Explosive Test Reports
    •  Other Security Related Studies
    •  Retrofit Installation Videos
  • Research Data & Information
    • Sole resource of multiple Protective Window System Retrofit Installations Videos as well as information on series of Explosive Testing Results & Research.
  • Online Training
    • Firefighter Forcible Entry Tutorial
    • STANDGARD Training
    • PDSIG Training
    • DST-ISC Training


The technology transfer website provided significant flexibility and value to the Building Security Technology Program through custom data management, leading to efficiencies throughout the Program as a whole.

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