Field Intravenous Fluid Reconstitution (FIVR)



Intravenous (IV) fluids are an essential element in treating battlefield casualties. Currently, war reserve materiel warehouses and field hospitals stock large numbers of IV bags due to the logistic limitations on resupply and the necessity to be prepared for the worst. IV fluid storage is further limited by shelf life, resulting in most of the bags, after having been transported at great expense, expiring before they are used.


The U.S. Air Force funded a visionary medical technology known as Field Intravenous Fluid Reconstitution (FIVR) based on ARA’s Sterile Water For Injection (SWFI) generator technology to reduce logistic costs by filling IV bags as needed at battlefield hospitals. FIVR technology will simplify logistics, eliminate waste, and ensure that our soldiers receive the life-saving fluids they need.

ARA developed and validated performance of a fully automated FIVR system. Preloaded IV bags were placed in a magazine, and the control system was activated. From that point, the machine moved the bag through a series of stations until it was filled with sterile water by the generator. The final constituted bag was then sealed and released for immediate use or temporary storage. The FIVR team at ARA’s Engineering Science Division is responsible for engineering, validation, test and evaluation, and quality assurance.

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